The Effectiveness Of 1 Month Injection KB

The Effectiveness Of 1 Month Injection KB

Doc I want to taya … I will inject one month … my rules will be again on April 4, 2020 kmrin … I just forgot … then on April 10 I injected again … and

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Itching In The Groin, Armpits And Fingers And Peeling Skin?

(12 minutes ago)

hello I want to ask, it’s been a long time I have had severe itching. especially in the groin, armpits, and fingers. itching like peeling skin if it is broken it becomes a ho... Read more

What Is A Chicken’s Comb Around The Anus?

(34 minutes ago)

I want to ask, around my anus there is a lump like a wart and it is very itchy when it recurs and when squeezed it comes out like pus, is this what is meant by chicken’s comb... Read more

Side Effects Of Doing The Gym With A Pen In The Body?

(1 hour ago)

Hello doctor, I just had a motorcycle accident one year ago and required me to put a pen on the right collarbone, is it safe/recommended if I do sports activities such as workouts ... Read more

White Spots Appear On The Rim Of The Bottle Where The Formula Is Given?

(3 hours ago)

Good morning..rnI want to ask when I brew the formula, why is there always milk that sticks out small and white like dots on the edges of the bottle..rnEven though I always wash an... Read more

Planning Pregnancy In PCOS Sufferers?

(3 hours ago)

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What Is The Cure For Heart Palpitations Dizziness, Nausea And Sweating?

(4 hours ago)

Good morning doctor!rnI’m a 19 year old female, 46kg weightrnI often experience heart palpitations, dizziness and vertigo, accompanied by nausea and shortness of breath and s... Read more

Lump In The Child To The Left Of The Child’s Ear

(4 hours ago)

Hello Doc .. I want to ask, next to the left ear of my child there is a small lump, I brought to the clinic said the doctor I came to, the inner ear of my child there were blisters... Read more

Causes Of Infrequent Urination In Infants Aged 11 Months?

(4 hours ago)

Good morning, I want to ask, my son is now 11 months old. Lately, he rarely pees, sometimes only 2 times, since the weather is very hot. Breast milk and water have been given but s... Read more

Teeth Still Feel Sore After An Accident 8 Years Ago And White Bumps On The Gums?

(5 hours ago)

Good evening doctor, I just want to ask a question.rnMy dentist has aches and pains after KKL it was 8 years ago.rnThe nerve tooth treatment has been turned off. He said my tooth w... Read more

Bentool And Feels Itchy After Using Scabies Medicine?

(6 hours ago)

hello .. i have used scabimite all over my body .. but i like to have 1 or 2 new bumpsrnsometimes on my hands/bodyrrrrrs is that the new base of lice or whatrnthe first bumps…... Read more

Pain In The Right And Left Lower Abdomen At 3 Months Of Pregnancy?

(6 hours ago)

Good evening, I want to ask.. I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd child in my 3rd month, when my first child gave birth to Caesarean section. So when I’m pregnant with m... Read more

Fever Up And Down, Dry Cough To Vomiting In Children Aged 19 Months?

(7 hours ago)

sorry to ask, my 19 month old son has fever up and down, dry cough and can’t get rid of ripples until he vomits, I went to the doctor but still no progress… what’... Read more

3 Week Old Baby Pooped With Problems

(8 hours ago)

Hello doc … my baby is 3 weeks … More or less this week he pooped more frequently than before … The color was slimy green and like there were chili seeds … ... Read more

Headache Between Eyebrows And Eyes And Glare?

(8 hours ago)

I’ve had headaches between my eyebrows since middle school, usually this happens because I play a lot on my cellphone and it’s accompanied by twitches, but after years ... Read more

How To Deal With Swollen And Bleeding Gums Due To Braces?

(9 hours ago)

want to ask. It’s only been a week since I put braces on, but why are my gums swollen and bleeding? Guess what the cause is and how to cure it. Thank you... Read more

Dizzy Head, Hot Ears And Itchy Body After Taking Medicine?

(9 hours ago)

I went to a neurologist and gave me medicine, but when I drank it, my ears were hot, my face was hot, it was itchy, how about it, I just took the medicine for 1 day.... Read more

Redness In The Eye With White Bumps?

(10 hours ago)

Good morning, my eyes suddenly turn red in the area near the nose, there are a few white bumps and sometimes it hurts a little when blinking, even though before that it was okay bu... Read more

How To Deal With Cough And Cold In Babies For More Than 2 Weeks?

(11 hours ago)

My doctor is already dizzy and restless as a new mom, my baby has been coughing up a cold for more than 2 weeks but it doesn’t heal, even I have gone to the midwife, pediatri... Read more

What Are The Treatments For Paracentesis

(12 hours ago)

Doc, what can do the parachthesis (discharge the abdominal cavity) what doctor? Originally posted 2020-04-14 09:24:15.... Read more