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Simple Ways to Check Your Feet’s Health at Home

Simple Ways to Check Your Feet’s Health at Home

The corona virus pandemic (SARS-CoV-2) forces everyone to stay at home a lot. Motion activity, including walking has decreased dramatically. Although the activity is reduced, make

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Keep the Airway Clean to Prevent Corona Infection

(7 months ago)

Prevention of corona virus can be done by maintaining personal hygiene, especially the hands. Wash your hands diligently, use a hand sanitizer, disinfectant, maintain physical dist... Read more

This is an effective way to overcome dandruff in children

(8 months ago)

Although not a serious medical problem, arrogance can make children insecure and even hinder their activities. Well, no need to worry, Bun. There are several ways that can be appli... Read more

Prevent Corona Virus from Spreading by Cleaning the House During Self-Isolation

(8 months ago)

Not only personal hygiene, house hygiene also needs to be maintained. This is important as an effort to reduce the risk of Corona virus transmission, especially if there are reside... Read more

Dangers Behind Cavities in Children

(8 months ago)

Cavities in children should not be underestimated. The reason is not only can cause pain or tooth dislodged, but also other more serious dangers. Come on, know what are the dangers... Read more