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Causes Of Nausea After Taking Painkillers?

(45 minutes ago)

On February 5th, I had an accident with the friction regulator of the nitrogen tube, I was sewn for 60 stitches inside and out on my calf. I was given the first drug, cefadroxil an... Read more

Effects Of Pregnancy After Curettage?

(1 hour ago)

I want to ask, my friend just had a curettage 1 month ago and at this time she is positive for pregnancy again and has not had her period after the curettage, is it ok to be pregna... Read more

Shortness Of Breath With Sore Throat?

(1 hour ago)

Night doctor. I’m afraid, I’m 19 years old, some time ago, until the time I wrote this article, I experienced shortness of breath. The shortness of breath is followed b... Read more

Easy Nausea And Dizziness Accompanied By Chest Tightness And Nosebleeds?

(3 hours ago)

I like to feel dizzy, nauseous, and short of breath, especially if I stand for too long my face immediately turns pale, my chest feels tight like there is no oxygen and my vision b... Read more

Pain During Intercourse In Pregnant Women?

(3 hours ago)

Since I was pregnant, how come I have been having sex, it keeps hurting, right, that’s a sign of pain, right? .. Do you think there is a cure or not? #thk... Read more

Bloody Ears After Boarding The Plane

(3 hours ago)

doc what to do if your ears bleed after taking a flight from Jakarta to Padang? Originally posted 2020-04-14 16:36:18.... Read more

Is It Possible To Menstruate When The Testpack Result Is Positive?

(3 hours ago)

I am 21 years old, February 18, I went to an obstetrician there. I had an ultrasound, my uterus was empty, but after the test pack the results were line 2 and faint. Now I am in a ... Read more

Medicine For Hair Loss?

(3 hours ago)

My nuts are still 20 years old, but my front hair falls out very easily and if it falls out it’s like a bald head without hair, how do I grow hair on my front scalp, specific... Read more

Toothache When Sleeping At Night Accompanied By Dizziness?

(4 hours ago)

It’s been the past few nights, when I sleep at night, my upper right tooth hurts. Usually accompanied by dizziness, what do you think is the cause? And, what should I do? Tha... Read more

Chances Of Pregnancy When Husband’s Sperm Is Diluted?

(4 hours ago)

…I am Asmul Husna, I want to ask Mr. After the cesarean section, I often urinated.. Menstruation for 3 days ended, it was spots for 2 days and I often felt nauseous… an... Read more

How To Get Rid Of Rough Skin On The Face?

(4 hours ago)

, I want to ask how to get rid of dealing especially in the area near the eyes and nose? Thank you... Read more

Causes And Solutions To Easily Forget?

(5 hours ago)

ok. I’ve been forgetting about it lately. I don’t know why… even though I used to be a very good reminder…… now I just forgot… is there somethin... Read more

Late Menstruation In Patients With Endometriosis?

(6 hours ago)

, I am a 25 year old woman who is planning a pregnancy. 5 months ago I went to a gynecologist and he said there was endometriosis and then I was given medicine for hormones.rnrnI h... Read more

Possible Pregnancy Even Though Not Late Menstruation

(7 hours ago)

Doc, I want to ask if menstruation is smooth, never late for 6-8 months, but expect to get pregnant even though menstruation has never been late at all, ask for a solution, doc Ori... Read more

Use Mosquito Repellent Lotion For The Face?

(7 hours ago)

ok. can i use mosquito repellent lotion ( soffel ) on my face before going to bed.rnrnAnd can the soffel last until morning???? Thank you... Read more

Whitish Nodules Filled With Fluid In The Center Of The Lower Lip?

(8 hours ago)

at night, I want to ask. Two days ago I had a fever, and my lips felt dry, so I bit them all the time. But after seeing it yesterday morning, it turns out that there are small spot... Read more

Red Spots All Over The Child’s Body?

(8 hours ago)

I want to ask about the condition of my 8 month old son.rnrnOn Monday 12/02/18 he was immunized for ORI diphtheria at the posyandu. After being immunized, his body immediately beca... Read more

Scratches Around The Anus For Almost 2 Months?

(8 hours ago)

Sorry, I have blisters on the anus for more than 2 months. The blisters are small and now they are enlarged and there is swelling. I have gone to a general practitioner and a derma... Read more

Overcoming Back Pain Accompanied By Difficult Chapters?

(9 hours ago)

I want to ask a week ago, I had back pain, then the next day I had neck and throat pain. I checked with the doctor. He said he had inflammation. Yes, it is me??... Read more