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Vagina Is Difficult To Get Wet During Intercourse?

Vagina Is Difficult To Get Wet During Intercourse?

Doctor. I am Eva, currently 20 years old. When having sex my vagina feels dry, it’s hard to produce lubricant so it feels a little sore. I also have an unusual vaginal shape.

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The Position Of The Breech Baby At 8 Months Of Pregnancy?

(1 hour ago)

in the morning, I am 33 weeks pregnant, and yesterday afternoon I checked the womb and ultrasound, when the ultrasound the position of the baby’s head was on the right, and w... Read more

Steam Therapy To Treat Cough With Phlegm In Babies 2 Months?

(2 hours ago)

at morning…rnWant to ask., is evaporation to remove phlegm in babies aged 2 months safe…??? Or allowed…???... Read more

The Cause Of The Hand Feels Itchy After Using An Aloe Vera Mask

(2 hours ago)

Hello doc. I want to ask. Recently I have aloe and started trying to use it regularly. After 3 times I made a mask. The first use is fine. When the second and third itchiness appea... Read more

How To Remove A Foreign Object That Enters The Penis?

(3 hours ago)

, how to get something out of the penis?rnWhat doctor is suitable for this?rnThank you... Read more

The Impact Of Performing The Valsalva Maneuver During Pregnancy?

(3 hours ago)

I want to ask, are there any effects of performing the Valsalva maneuver during pregnancy?rnrnThank you.... Read more

Consumption Of Pregnant Milk Mixed With Cereal?

(3 hours ago)

doctor..rnrnI want to ask,,rnCan pregnant milk (anmum) be mixed with kokorunch?rnAnd can it be eaten in the morning?rnrnAccept love doctor 🙂... Read more

Factors That Can Cause Postpartum Sutures To Not Close Completely?

(4 hours ago)

at morning,rnDoc I want to ask, I gave birth about 3 weeks ago, and H+1 my stitches have improved and don’t hurt and I am carrying out activities as usual because I follow my... Read more

How To Get Rid Of Wide Black Spots?

(4 hours ago)

About 1 year ago, I attended training in the mountains, because the temperature was very cold, the skin on my face cracked. A few weeks later a black spot appeared on the nose, the... Read more

Chances Of Getting Pregnant Only 1 Day After Menstruation?

(5 hours ago)

Hi, I want to ask..... Read more

Selection Of Facial Soap Suitable For Oily Skin

(6 hours ago)

Good afternoon dock !! I want a little bit of skin, please answer me. If my skin is washed, it’s really oily but if it’s already washed my skin is a bit dry. How does a... Read more

Uncontrolled Emotions In Patients With Lung Disease?

(6 hours ago)

doctor,rnI want to ask, my father has perforated lung disease. Have been hospitalized several times too. But now I just stay at home and have never been to the doctor. Because the ... Read more

Watery Sores On Baby’s Head Last For 1 Month?

(6 hours ago)

in the morning I want to ask about the wound on my baby’s head, it’s been a month his head is sore like an ulcer and watery and it’s not healing please input what... Read more

Coughing Up Phlegm Mixed With Blood With Fever And Body Aches?

(7 hours ago)

I am a 24-year-old woman, I have had a fever for 3 days, a bit sore, have a headache, my throat is very painful to swallow. my body is starting to feel better on the fourth day but... Read more

Diarrhea Treatment That Is Safe For 9 Months Pregnant Women?

(7 hours ago)

I want to ask, I am currently 37 weeks pregnant, I have diarrhea for the past few days, is it dangerous? Are there drugs that are safe for consumption? Or how to solve it?rnThank y... Read more

Is Blood Transfusion Safe For People With Kidney Disease?

(7 hours ago)

My mom is suffering from kidney disease.. Dr suggested blood transfusion because her Hb is very low.. to my knowledge there are many effects of blood transfusion, one of which is k... Read more

Bleeding At 6 Weeks Pregnant In Patients With Fibroids And A History Of Miscarriage?

(7 hours ago)

I am Anny, I am 32 years old. the blood was fresh but not much so I took Utrogestan 100mg which was prescribed by the doctor.. This morning there was blood coming out again but it ... Read more

The Wound From The Operation Has Not Healed For Almost 1 Year?

(8 hours ago)

, I want to ask why my sister’s surgical wound is not healing (the skin doesn’t want to close) after almost 1 year, even though cleanliness is very important for wound ... Read more

Treating Back Pain Accompanied By Stomach Pain And Heartburn?

(9 hours ago)

. I want to ask, it’s been 4 weeks since my stomach and lower left part of the stomach hurt, it really hurts, when I fill it with food it hurts even more when it’s empt... Read more

The Black Lines On The 9 Month Baby’s Fingernails Are Getting Thicker?

(9 hours ago)

.rnMy son is 9 months old, on his fingernails there is a thick black line.rn There was no black line from birth. Then when he was about 6 months old, a faint line appeared. The clo... Read more