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The Soles Of The Feet Feel Hot When Standing For Too Long?

The Soles Of The Feet Feel Hot When Standing For Too Long?

Good eveningrnI am 34 years old, working as a security guard at a bank. Working more than 10 hours per day standing up from 07.00-17.00 sometimes overtime..rnStanding all day makes

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The Effect Of Fat Body On Early Puberty?

(12 hours ago)

What is the effect of a fat body causing early puberty and whether a fat body is also a breeding ground for disease?... Read more

Red And Sore Eyes After Using Eye Drops?

(13 hours ago)

Hi, a few days ago my eyes were red and then I went to an ophthalmologist he said I am allergic to air, light and heat I was given cendo xitrol medicine but every time I use the me... Read more

Can It Be Known If Someone Has Been Pregnant And Miscarried?

(13 hours ago)

Suppose someone has had a miscarriage when the gestational age is still a matter of weeks, will there always be a sign that the person has been pregnant during a post mortem or oth... Read more

Causes Of Lumps On The Gums Near The Molars For 2 Months?

(14 hours ago)

Hello, I’m azela 16 years old. It’s been 3 days I just realized there is a hard lump in the gums near the molars (2 from the back). Why? is it because of bacteria? beca... Read more

How To Get Rid Of Small Circles Like Pimples On The Forehead?

(14 hours ago)

Night, I want to ask, so on my forehead there is like a small circle like pimples, but the moon is streaked. At first I thought that it was keratosis pilaris but after I saw the pi... Read more

The Relationship Between A Thin Body And An Easily Tired Body?

(15 hours ago)

, I am fara 20th. I’ve been skinny since high school. My BMI is around 16. Since high school I’m easily tired and weak, less active like other friends.. But now it̵... Read more

Swelling In The Testicles Has Not Reduced Even Though It Has Been Treated?

(16 hours ago)

I was in bed for 6 days because of orchitis and during those 6 days the swelling of my ankles was reduced by about 5%. Due to limited funds, I decided to go for outpatient treatmen... Read more

Removes Red Marks On The Face After Laser Treatment?

(16 hours ago)

Hello, I want to askrnSo last month it was a facial laser with a burning technique.rnIt’s getting redder by the day, it’s even been a month and it hasn’t healed y... Read more

How To Deal With Itching Due To Pulmonary TB Drugs?

(17 hours ago)

Assalamualaikum.. I want to ask.. My sister is sick with tuberculosis, she has been taking TB medicine for about 2 weeks. But the side effects just appeared 2 days ago. At first it... Read more

Itching And Not Lost

(18 hours ago)

Good night dock, I want to ask. Already 2 months I have experienced itching from the lower neck to my body and the itching accompanied by bumps like pimples. Even though I don̵... Read more

Surgery To Correct The Shape Of The Fingers?

(18 hours ago)

Good morning Doctor,rnrnI want to ask about the condition of the finger that was born like a marble. Round (there are large, medium and small) at the tip of the finger. What kind o... Read more

Waist Hurts When Holding Urine For Too Long?

(18 hours ago)

Hello,. I want to ask this. When I hold my pee for too long, my waist hurts a lot. Why is that?... Read more

Causes Of Smelly Vaginal Discharge That Doesn’t Go Away?

(19 hours ago)

Good morning Doctor, my name is Marsya, 23 years old and married in 2013, 2014 I miscarried but no curettage for some reasons, and until now I have not been able to get pregnant ag... Read more

Pain In The Upper Abdomen Accompanied By Pain When Pressed, Nausea And Shortness Of Breath?

(19 hours ago)

I often experience pain in the upper abdomen, which is pain and nausea when I eat late so that if it is too late, I will have shortness of breath. I also have problems with digesti... Read more

Fever With Red Rash All Over The Body In A 3-year-old Child?

(19 hours ago)

Hello. My son is 3 years 10 months old, a red rash appears all over his body. After 3 days the red rash subsided, but a cough and runny nose appeared. After 5 days his cough subsid... Read more

Have You Had The Diphtheria Vaccine, Do You Need The Tetanus Vaccine?

(20 hours ago)

Hello…rnI am 24 years old.rnLast December 2017, I had the diphtheria vaccine. Then in the near future I will get married. Do I still need the TT vaccine?? Because as far as I... Read more

Does The Phlegm Have A Phlegm Virus?

(22 hours ago)

My doc has been experiencing phlegm for 3 days without any coughing, fever, shortness of breath, can I include covid 19? How do I handle it? Originally posted 2020-04-14 10:20:34.... Read more

Menstruation Is Just A Spot After Curettage?

(23 hours ago)

Hello, I want to ask before I had a curettage on January 5th, after the first curettage process again I had my period on 17 feb-23 feb, it was quite a lot, now my menses on 3 april... Read more

Pain In The Vagina Accompanied By Bleeding?

(1 day ago)

Good morning, I want to ask that last night my miss v felt very sore, then at 4 this morning I went to the toilet and found blood on my cd and there was quite a lot of blood even u... Read more