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Late Menstruation In Patients With Endometriosis?

Late Menstruation In Patients With Endometriosis?

, I am a 25 year old woman who is planning a pregnancy. 5 months ago I went to a gynecologist and he said there was endometriosis and then I was given medicine for hormones.rnrnI h

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Possible Pregnancy Even Though Not Late Menstruation

(9 hours ago)

Doc, I want to ask if menstruation is smooth, never late for 6-8 months, but expect to get pregnant even though menstruation has never been late at all, ask for a solution, doc Ori... Read more

Use Mosquito Repellent Lotion For The Face?

(10 hours ago)

ok. can i use mosquito repellent lotion ( soffel ) on my face before going to bed.rnrnAnd can the soffel last until morning???? Thank you... Read more

Whitish Nodules Filled With Fluid In The Center Of The Lower Lip?

(10 hours ago)

at night, I want to ask. Two days ago I had a fever, and my lips felt dry, so I bit them all the time. But after seeing it yesterday morning, it turns out that there are small spot... Read more

Red Spots All Over The Child’s Body?

(10 hours ago)

I want to ask about the condition of my 8 month old son.rnrnOn Monday 12/02/18 he was immunized for ORI diphtheria at the posyandu. After being immunized, his body immediately beca... Read more

Scratches Around The Anus For Almost 2 Months?

(11 hours ago)

Sorry, I have blisters on the anus for more than 2 months. The blisters are small and now they are enlarged and there is swelling. I have gone to a general practitioner and a derma... Read more

Overcoming Back Pain Accompanied By Difficult Chapters?

(11 hours ago)

I want to ask a week ago, I had back pain, then the next day I had neck and throat pain. I checked with the doctor. He said he had inflammation. Yes, it is me??... Read more

Small Bump On The Bottom Of The Eye?

(12 hours ago)

amu’alaikum.rnDoc a few months ago on my left eye under the inside there was a lump. At that time my eyes were red and when the lump was pressed there was a little pain.rnI w... Read more

Mucus Comes Out Of The Nose When Crying In Children?

(13 hours ago)

at night, I don’t want to ask. At 12 o’clock I woke up because my 18-day-old child was crying. But when he was about to cry suddenly snot came out of his nostrils like ... Read more

Headache On The Left After Being Scared Before?

(13 hours ago)

, I want to ask. Why does the left side of my head hurt continuously, yes, it’s been 2 days. It started when I was scared and screamed.rnAnd today I feel like there is someth... Read more

The Cause Of The Eyes Like Foggy?

(13 hours ago)

almost 1 year my right eye is like foggy. It used to be itchy and watery at first. At that time I was still hunting, which meant I often peeked at the rifle scope, at dusk suddenly... Read more

Are Antibiotics Effective At Preventing And Treating New Corona Viruses

(14 hours ago)

Are antibiotics effective at preventing and treating new corona viruses Originally posted 2020-04-14 16:35:43.... Read more

Shortness Of Breath And Dizziness During Activity?

(14 hours ago)

I have a complaint of difficulty breathing accompanied by a headache when doing activities. Breathing is very heavy like pressure and the throat feels always dry. It happened sudde... Read more

A Lump In The Breast That Can Move?

(15 hours ago)

at night. I’m only 20. I want to ask why there is a lump in my breast area. If you hold it, you can move it. What are the symptoms of cancer?... Read more

The Leg Veins Are Clearly Visible But Not Prominent?

(16 hours ago)

anya. On my legs and arms the veins are clear but not prominent, I’m afraid something will happen, because I want to take the policewoman test so I’m hesitant because o... Read more

Discomfort When Breathing Like Stuttering?

(16 hours ago)

I want to ask. For about 2 months my breath was uncomfortable. Often when I want to breathe, my breath is like a spasm or stuttering. My breath was held for a moment. What is the r... Read more

Mask For Acne In Pregnant Women?

(16 hours ago)

t night.rnI want to ask what kind of mask we can use for pregnant women because since I was pregnant my acne has been getting worse. Before, I had acne but it wasn’t this bad... Read more

The Body Feels Sick And Sore After Eating Cassava Leaves?

(17 hours ago)

,I want to askrnThis is the first time after eating cassava leaves, my body feels sore all over, the neck, waist, thighs etc.rnDo you think that’s why…?... Read more

Wrinkled Bumps On The Face?

(17 hours ago)

at night, I want to ask. My face, just below the cheekbones, has wrinkled skin and it’s hard like an orange peel. At first my face was normal but after a few months my face b... Read more

Sleeping On The Stomach In Babies?

(18 hours ago)

ok. i have a 4 month old baby. when he sleeps he always wants to lie down... Read more