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Signs, Symptoms And Transmission Of Diphtheria?

Signs, Symptoms And Transmission Of Diphtheria?

, in my area, diphtheria is rife, one of the symptoms of which is a white membrane in the throat. I started feeling strange about 3-4 days ago in my nose and throat area, when I br

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The Wound On The Edge Of The Lip Feels Sore?

(17 hours ago)

I want to ask, why is my lip at the edge of my mouth like a sore like canker sores. Every time I open my mouth it hurts more, if the wound is dry, it will be difficult to open my m... Read more

Frequent Shaking Accompanied By Easy Fainting?

(18 hours ago)

doctor night, my cici is 17 years old. My complaints are excessive tremors in my right hand, right eyelid, and right leg, my left hand also shakes, but it’s not too bad.rnIf ... Read more

Stomach Feels Bloated And Painful When Pressed?

(19 hours ago)

, I am 22 years old and unmarried. For the past few days my stomach has been hard, distended, and bloated, I often hear a sound in my stomach even though I have eaten. Is this a si... Read more

HPV Vaccination Not On Schedule?

(19 hours ago)

w asked, related to the HPV vaccine (cervical cancer). My doctor canceled the vaccine on the 30th while the doctor didn’t have a practice schedule on that day. Do you think i... Read more

Overcoming Measles In Babies?

(20 hours ago)

doctor, my son aged 7 months has measles after having a fever. While my son has not yet received measles immunization, it’s dangerous, isn’t it u0026 when should I go t... Read more

Causes Of Warm Body

(20 hours ago)

Hello … permission to ask … I have a complaint that the body feels warm especially in the palm of the hand..kqki and the back of the neck … eyes feel spicy …... Read more

Cough In Babies After Consuming Formula Milk?

(21 hours ago)

I want to be 5 months old, he drinks powdered flag milk and then it doesn’t match his weight and he goes up then but only a little then I change to high school, how come it&#... Read more

Stomach Feels Full When Stomach Acid Increases?

(21 hours ago)

When exposed to stomach acid, why does the stomach feel very full almost all the time? although the appetite is not lost, it is not accompanied by nausea either. Ada takes medicine... Read more

Causes Of Nosebleeds In Children With Fever?

(21 hours ago)

… I want to ask my son every time he gets hot nosebleeds then why does he have nosebleeds since he was 1 year old, but now he is 3 years old, his nosebleeds are getting more ... Read more

Effects Of Using Injectable Birth Control?

(22 hours ago)

night,rnI’m a breastfeeding mother, my baby is 4 months old.rnDoc, after giving birth and it’s clean from postpartum blood, I immediately injected the blue circle for 3... Read more

Discomfort In The Mouth?

(22 hours ago)

My mouth feels unusual since 1 week ago. It feels savory continuously on the tongue and saliva. Is this a problem? Or a sign of a certain disease? Thanks... Read more

Babies Rarely Pee Accompanied By Decreased Desire To Suckle?

(22 hours ago)

?rnI want to ask, I have a baby who is 4 months old, on the 7th tomorrow 5 months, still drinking ASIX.rnBut, in the last 3 days, why doesn’t baby want to drink breast milk i... Read more

Overcoming Persistent Hives?

(22 hours ago)

Good evening. I want to ask how do I treat urticaria/hives?u003cbr /u003e because my hives haven’t healed for a year “every day there are bumps” on my body, I hav... Read more

How To Take Worm Medicine?

(23 hours ago)

at night, I want to ask about the use of the dose of pyrantel for adults, my weight is 43, is it true that I take 500 mg once?, while the dose for each pyrantel tablet is 125 mg? T... Read more

About Pap Smear Examination?

(1 day ago)

can pap smears remove harmful fluids or harmful bacteria in the uterus?... Read more

Continuous Bleeding In Low Lying Placenta?

(1 day ago)

I’m lia, I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant, and the placenta is below, this week I’m bleeding profusely, and it doesn’t stop, I’ve had a consultation an... Read more

Impact After Being Stung By A Wasp?

(1 day ago)

I was stung by a wasp on my head, will my hair fall out?rnAnd can my hair grow again?rnI’m a 17 year old student and if that happens it will really hurt my personal confidenc... Read more

Solution To Overcome Cavities

(1 day ago)

Dear doctor, I want to ask my molar teeth at the back of my hole and it has formed like a crater in a hollow part … Then on the side of the crater, the gums grow. But the con... Read more

Medication For Hepatitis B?

(1 day ago)

. I want to ask about hepatitis B, why are you even given ranitidine and sucralfate? explanation please... Read more