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Medication To Treat Swollen Gums In Busui?

Medication To Treat Swollen Gums In Busui? Good night. I am 26 years old IRT My gum has swollen for 3hrs. Because I am still nursing a baby, I only drink sanmol for pain relief. But over time the gums tha

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Can The Knee Still Be Bent After Recovering From Dislocation?

(1 year ago)

Hello, I was 18 years ago a few days ago my knee was dislocated (sliding) can the knee still be bent perfectly after recovery? And can I still be tall after I have dislocated my kn... Read more

Rules For Taking The Drug Osfit DHA?

(1 year ago)

Tonight, I want to ask, I hpht December 4, but on the result the results were negative, continue to see the doctor in the love of drug osha dha, but today came the month, the medic... Read more

Can I Travel By Plane After 2 Weeks Of Cesarean Section?

(1 year ago) introduce me Nana, 23 years old, currently I am recovering from a Caesarean section. Can I fly out of town within the next 2 weeks? Or waiting more than a month t... Read more

Is It Okay To Rinse The Spirulina Mask With Plain Water?

(1 year ago)

Tonight, I want to ask if I can use plain water to rinse after using spirulina masks?... Read more

Can You Give Birth Normally If The Fetus Weighs 3.2 Kg?

(1 year ago)

… I am now pregnant with both babies in the womb weighing 3.2 kg … can I have a normal birth or have a caesarean. My first pregnancy was a caesarean section because the... Read more

What Foods Can Be Consumed By Patients With Stage 2 Breast Cancer?

(1 year ago)

Can potatoes be consumed by patients with stage 2 breast cancer, and what foods are allowed to be consumed?... Read more

An Explanation Of The Medical Diagnosis From The Surgeon?

(1 year ago)

Want to ask, medical diagnosis from the surgeon “TTT ” u0026amp; What does “TTA” mean?... Read more

Can Heavy Lifting Work Interfere With The Pregnancy Program?

(1 year ago)

Greetings I’m 23 years old … I’m promil with how to drink prenagen essensis milk and zuriat fruit. Thank you... Read more

Can I Follow The Running Agenda When The Foot Experiences Plantar Fasciitis And Calcification?

(1 year ago)

I seem to have had plantar fascitis, I have had legs, and the orthopedic says there is a little calcification, I want to run 5km, am I safe?... Read more

Left Back Pain, Fatigue, Shortness Of Breath And Pain Over The Genitals?

(1 year ago)

Hello Prkenalkn my name is Yuli I want brtanyaSya often low back pain in the upper left, easily tired, shortness of breath, pain in the upper part of the genitals, chest, and when ... Read more

Are There Herbal Medicines To Deal With Heart Disease?

(1 year ago)

Afternoon, I want to ask if there are herbal medicines for the heart. My mother has heart disease, want to go to the doctor does not have the funds anymore … thanks... Read more

Small Hole Above The Vagina?

(1 year ago)

I want to ask .. After all this time for the first time I noticed there was a very small hole above my vagina … Aa that’s okay?... Read more

Does Dental Scaling Need To Be Anesthetized First?

(1 year ago)

Hello, if you want to scaling teeth you should be anesthetized first or what?... Read more

How To Find Out The Fertile Period When Irregular Menstruation?

(1 year ago)

Hello, please help, I want to ask, I want a pregnancy program with my wife, and my wife’s menstruation is irregular, how do I know my wife’s fertile period. and what ar... Read more

The Cause Of Having A Fever, Headache And Cough With Phlegm?

(1 year ago)

Hello, I am M. Sakmar. I experienced cough with phlegm and decided to buy OBH Combi brand cough medicine, but after 3 times of consumption I experienced severe dizziness and body t... Read more

The Diagnosis Of Diabetes Mellitus Through Glycosuria?

(1 year ago)

Why can’t diabetes mellitus be enforced on the basis of glucosuria alone?... Read more

Can I Take Hormone Pills To Tighten The Breasts?

(1 year ago)

sya vina 24th. Can you take Chinese extrogen hormone pills? Because the breasts sag after completing the feeding period ???... Read more

Fever All Over The Body Except Cold Hands And Feet In Children?

(1 year ago)

ASs … sorry, my 15-year-old child has a fever, cough and runny nose sounds like he wants hbs ,, body temperature is very hot except for cold hands, ears and feet … Is m... Read more

Treatment Of Brain Tumors Without Surgery?

(1 year ago)

Hi, My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was advised to do a surgery. But my sister and I are still confused what to do or not, considering the age of my father who had s... Read more