Cordyceps Fungi Claimed to Potentially Inhibit Covid-19
Illustration of Cordyceps Fungi Claimed to Potentially Inhibit Covid-19
Illustration: Cordyceps Fungi Claimed to Potentially Inhibit Covid-19 Shutterstock

After eucalyptus, various other herbal plants are claimed to have the potential to increase body immunity. At present one of the herbal plants that is considered to have the potential to inhibit corona virus infection is the Cordyceps fungus.

Professor of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Biomolecular Experts of Brawijaya University, Prof. Widodo said that this fungus has a structure that has the potential to directly inhibit the replication of the corona virus.

In the discussion of the strength of natural ingredients to strengthen the body’s immunity, Widodo, revealed that this fungus has long been used as an herb to enhance immunity.

“It has long been used by the public, especially in Tibet, China, Korea, because of its superiority of having several active compounds that work systemically. There are antivirals based on metadata studies, the structure has similarities with antiviral compounds,” he said quoted from Antara.

This fungus is claimed to also be able to inhibit the emergence of cytokinin storms in the body because it contains anti-inflammatory compounds in it. Cordyceps mushroom is also believed to be long time to improve breathing ability or good for people who experience respiratory disorders.

This fungus will be tested on co-19 patients at the Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Emergency Hospital. Commander of Defense Region I Commander (Pangkogab Wilhan) Vice Admiral Yudo Margono said he would coordinate before the fungus was given to patients. He said this coordination would be carried out together with the LIPI and the Ministry of Health.

It’s just that until now, although the Cordyceps fungus has long been used by the community to overcome respiratory problems, there is no clinical evidence about the antiviral ability of the Cordyceps fungus, specifically to deal with corona.

MRCCC general practitioner Siloam Semanggi Vania Triyani revealed this type of fungus does have many positive effects, but it still needs a lot of testing and research to claim this fungus can treat corona virus infections.

“Maybe the one that is related to Covid-19 is its immunomodulator (helps control the body’s immunity),” he told, Thursday (5/14).

“Only once again, the effect is only limited to research in experimental animals and not yet in humans. Well, especially if it is related to covid, there is no research that is good enough to provide treatment recommendations.”

He added, in the general procedure for the determination of drugs (chemistry) that have therapeutic potential it takes a long time to get approval and enough evidence to become a standard of care.

“Moreover, phytopharmaca (a medicinal plant) like this, due to the extraction process, the concentration level of the active ingredient can vary per batch. The difficulty of phytopharmaca is difficult to maintain the consistency of the active ingredient content.”

Related to the treatment of respiratory tract infections with this fungus, he also added that in the western medical world, the fungus has not become the standard of care, but instead became a medicine in Chinese medicine.

“Now, the trend is really called integrative medicine, combining west and eastern medicine. It’s just not used by everyone.”

This fungus is a genus of parasitic fungi that grow on insect larvae. When the fungus attacks the host, this fungus will invade the host’s body tissue and grow long outside the host’s body.

Of the more than 400 species of Cordyceps found, two have become the focus of health research namely Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris.

Disclaimer: this research still needs further and in-depth study before it can be established as a drug to treat corona infection. WHO and the Ministry of Health so far have not recommended certain drugs for healing Covid-19.

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