1 Month Old Baby In Pain During The Chapter?

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At night, my child is 1.5 months old and drinks milk because I work, but at the end of the day it is rarely defecating until 1 week and when the chapter feels pain in tears and cold sweat, why is that? Is it related to my Asip ??

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Difficulty in bowel movements or also called constipation in general rarely happens if the baby is in exclusive breastfeeding. In principle, bowel habits in infants are influenced by several things such as drinking patterns, activities and how fast the baby's body's ability to digest the food that enters.

In infants aged 0-5 months and only consume breast milk, defecating once a week is still considered normal. So if your baby is 1.5 months old and has a BAb pattern 1 time a week is still quite normal. However, if the BAb frequency is more than a week or within 2 weeks of defecation, the condition needs to be watched out for certain medical problems. Therefore, if the child has been constipated for more than 1 week, immediately consult a pediatrician.

Difficulty in bowel movements or constipation is actually rare in exclusively breastfed babies. Usually, babies begin to have difficulty defecating when given additional formula milk or have started eating complementary foods (MPASI).

In addition to the rare frequency, BAB patterns that need to be considered from infants as a determinant of the condition of constipation or not, can be seen from the following points:

Baby's expression when defecating seems excessive straining or not.
The stool texture is harder than usual or not
More and less urinating or not.

Babies who have difficulty defecating or constipation are usually marked by a tense face when straining. Even so, you do not need to worry too much, because do not direct the baby's face to the point of view and accompanied by normal or normal tears come out when the bowel movement is normal. So that this sign can not be used as a sign that the child has constipation or difficulty CHAPTER. So you also need to determine other signs and symptoms. For example there is a constipation baby, he will remove feces that are textured harder and drier than usual. If the stool appears soft even if the bowel movement is only once a week or longer, chances are the baby is not constipated. And if the baby is still breastfeeding smoothly urinating, chances are he is not experiencing constipation.

Hika you give milk ASI or ASIP that the crew is concerned about is the correct way to store ASIP so that the quality is maintained. In order to maintain the quality of breast milk it is necessary to pay attention to cleanliness such as sterilization of baby milk bottles and ASIP container packaging. Perform sterilization by boiling bottles and parts of ASI pump that come into contact with the skin, in boiling hot water for about 5-10 minutes. In addition, it is also necessary to maintain hand hygiene when milking, or when storing breast milk in packaging. Use soap to wash your hands before milking.

More about: Proper ASIP Storage

The cause of infant constipation is rarely caused by breast milk or ASIP. It is precisely babies who are exclusively breastfed rarely cause constipation. The cause of a baby experiencing constipation is usually due to additional breast milk such as formula milk, or MPASI after the baby enters the age of 6 months. More about: Signs of a Baby Having Difficult Defecation

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