1 Month Old Baby Spits Phlegm In Green?

Illustration of 1 Month Old Baby Spits Phlegm In Green?
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my child is only 1 month old, it has been around 1 week, my child coughs and has spit out green watna and the cough is hard but suckling, still want to not fuss and the bb rises even just a little, is it dangerous?

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Hello Ulfa, thank you for asking.

A healthy baby will certainly not cough up phlegm, let alone to issue greenish phlegm. Sputum cough is most likely caused by a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract that is acute. Some babies with good immune levels may not have symptoms other than coughing. However, in infants whose body immunity is low, coughing up phlegm can be accompanied by fever, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and even diarrhea.

Another possibility is an allergic reaction or irritation in the baby's airways, for example due to cigarette smoke, air pollution, dust, animal hair, and so on. Sometimes allergic reactions can be accompanied by disorders of the skin in the form of red rashes, or spots / bumps, and the baby feels itchy.

You should consult with your pediatrician. Doctors need to assess directly whether your child's condition is mildly or moderately ill. The drug treatment will certainly be adjusted to the results of the doctor's examination. Do not delay too long to consult a doctor, because the baby can be congested at any time, making it difficult to drink and cause dehydration. Sputum cough can also cause recurring vomiting so that it also increases the risk of dehydration.

Pat the baby's back when he coughs, tilted to the left, so that phlegm more easily flows out. Apply something to warm the baby's chest and back (be careful of allergic reactions to the skin), adjust the room temperature properly (not too cold or too hot), keep the baby away from smokers, try to avoid the baby from dust and fumes of the vehicle, and improve ventilation and room lighting.

Hopefully this information can help you. Regards.

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