1 Month Old Baby’s Pale Stool Is Pale Yellow?

Illustration of 1 Month Old Baby’s Pale Stool Is Pale Yellow?
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, my baby is around 45 days old, last night the pup was partly pale yellow, even though the afternoon was normal, my baby was drinking milk and milk, he had no fever, was still active and not fussy, should I immediately take my baby to the doctor?

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Hello Rona As, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com.

The color of faeces / feces is important to note because it can indicate various conditions in the body. In addition to color, the consistency of defecation also needs attention.

Stool that is first issued by a baby is also called Meconium. Meconium itself is normally a blackish green color with a consistency of thick liquid. As the baby's age increases, this meconium will turn into feces resulting from the digestion of the baby, both from breast milk and formula milk, over time it becomes yellow, soft, granules. Newborns normally can defecate 4-10x per day (depending on consuming milk or formula milk). The color of the stool itself varies greatly, depending on what is eaten. In infants who are still full of breast milk or formula milk, the color of the stool can vary between light yellow, dark brown, dark black (the remaining meconium).

In the case of your baby where the stool looks pale yellow, this condition can be a normal variant or due to certain conditions in the baby's digestive system, for example:

Blockage of the gallbladder, where the gallbladder is responsible for removing a compound that gives color to the stool or urine. If there is interference with the bile, the color of the stool can turn pale so that vaginal discharge and urine become concentrated (like tea).
Disorders of the liver / liver, for example due to infection. Just like the gallbladder, if there is a disruption in the liver, the color-giving compounds in feces and urine also cannot come out, so that the stools color becomes pale.
and so forth.

In abnormalities in the gallbladder or liver, usually in babies can also be found yellowing skin (usually the most rapid changes in yellow in the eyes are white) or fever if the abnormality due to infection. The thing that needs special attention and you are worried is if the baby becomes weak, does not want to drink milk, diarrhea (BAB frequency> 10x with more liquid consistency than usual), slimy or bloody bowel movements, fever, yellowish skin, the color of the dirt becomes paler and persistent , the color of thick urine, or a very fussy baby. If the baby experiences these things, you should immediately check the baby to the nearest pediatrician or to the hospital.

In the meantime, continue to pay attention to the dirt that comes out when the baby defecates, both from color, consistency, and also its frequency. Parents will have an 'instinct' if something is different from the child's bowel habits and the child's general condition. Keep giving milk to babies (can be up to 2 hours), exclusive breastfeeding is still more recommended than using formula milk because breast milk is easier to digest and has many other benefits for babies. Perform routine checks, immunizations, and weigh the baby's weight and length at the Posyandu or other health facilities in accordance with the doctor's recommended schedule.

You can also read the following article: Normal Stool Color in Newborns

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope your child is always healthy!


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