1-year-old Child Has A Fever And Diarrhea After Accidentally Swallowing Floor Cleaner And Beads?

Illustration of 1-year-old Child Has A Fever And Diarrhea After Accidentally Swallowing Floor Cleaner And Beads?
Illustration: 1-year-old Child Has A Fever And Diarrhea After Accidentally Swallowing Floor Cleaner And Beads? blog.chocchildrens.org

Good afternoon My child is 1 year old, yesterday accidentally ate a super pell and swallowed a bead of 2 seeds. 2 days later my child had a fever and diarrhea. What medication should I give?

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Hello Ms. Siti

Consuming something poisonous such as a floor cleaning solution and beads has a high risk to the health of your child, even after a moment after the child's condition still seems calm.

Taking a floor cleaning solution risks causing poisoning or direct effects if it turns out that the liquid is a hard liquid that makes the digestive tract tissue burn or change its structure, this situation can potentially cause digestive problems until death either due to toxic effects or due to the hard nature of the liquid.

Swallowing beads causes a choking risk, and instead of entering the digestive tract such as the stomach, the bead will be more dangerous if it clogs in the throat, especially if it enters the respiratory tract, so the child will have difficulty breathing.

Indeed, at the time of the corona virus pandemic, people are urged not to go directly to the doctor or the nearest health facility if the condition is not at high risk or emergency. However, once the condition of swallowing the floor cleaning solution and swallowing the bead in a high-risk child aged 1 year causes the conditions that have been described above, so it should be confirmed by health professionals that the condition is safe enough, so that if one of the above risks occurs, treatment can be given immediately fast and precise.

If this incident took place 2 days ago, then what you can do now is monitor the condition of the fever and the diarrhea. Especially if the diarrhea is more than 5 times per day, and whether the child becomes weak so it tends to be lazy and just sleep, or even fussy. Also notice if the child cries whether there are still tears? if not then the child is likely to be dehydrated. Then if you have a thermometer measure the temperature of a child's fever, is it past 39 degrees Celsius? and is there a history of previous seizures?

If there are signs like the above then you should immediately take your child to the doctor so that further examination can be done, because the situation as above risks getting worse if you do not get proper treatment.

However, if Ms. Siti's child does not have the above symptoms, then she can do some first aid at home, such as

Give ORS solution so that children do not lose a lot of fluids due to diarrhea
Give plenty of water to drink, to replace fluids lost due to diarrhea and body heat
Compress the forehead area with warm water, if necessary it can also be added compresses on the lip areas of both armpits
Make sure the cleanliness of the food, drinks and cutlery that is used is maintained properly
Give paracetamol to reduce fever

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