1 Year Old Child Weight Is Still 8 Kg?

Illustration of 1 Year Old Child Weight Is Still 8 Kg?
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My child is 1 year and 1 month old but now he weighs 8kg. Adek was born with a weight of 3.5kg. Is it normal or what milk to gain weight

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In children born with optimal body weight and at term (not premature), normal weight at 13 months is between 8.8 and 11 kg for boys, and from 8.2 to 10.5 kg for children. girls. Your child's weight of 8 kg is indeed not optimal for his age. This condition is not always caused by inadequate milk intake, so supplementing milk is not always the right solution. At the age of 1 year and over, children should no longer rely on milk intake to support their growth, but on solid foods that they usually consume.

It could also be that this suboptimal weight gain occurs due to other reasons, for example:

Genetic (congenital, influence from parents) Inadequate dietary intake, for example because the child is lazy to eat, the type of food is less varied, the nutritional value in food is not good. Experiencing certain diseases, for example digestive disorders that cause absorption of nutrients, diarrhea or vomiting massive vomiting, cancer, chronic infections, hyperthyroidism, and so on. You need to consult your child's condition directly to a doctor or pediatrician. The doctor can monitor your child's growth status more comprehensively, not only in weight, but also in height and in general health conditions. Additional tests, such as a Mantoux test, X-rays, or laboratory tests may also be done by the doctor to identify the possibility of certain diseases affecting the growth. That way, handling can be done with the right target.

You can take the following steps for a while so that your child's growth is more optimal:

Vary your child's daily diet. Increase your child's daily intake of red meat, fish, poultry, eggs Give vegetables and fruits to children appropriately so that their digestion remains smooth Improve the cleanliness of the environment around the child, including the cleanliness of processing containers and serving of food and drink. children from close contact with adults who have the potential to transmit infectious diseases to them. Control the child's growth and development periodically to the doctor at the nearest health facility. Avoid giving supplements carelessly to children without a doctor's prescription.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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