11 Month Baby Does Not Want To Eat Rice?

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Has your baby been experiencing vomiting while eating since 3 days when your baby was sick with a cold cough?

A baby girl aged 11 months normally weighs 7.7-9.9 kg, while a baby boy aged 11 months normally weighs 8.4-10.5 kg. Seeing this, your baby's weight is actually still normal. Even so, keep a close eye on your child's growth curve. If the child's weight does not increase or decrease, immediately take your baby to the pediatrician for further evaluation.

Babies are said to have a fever if their body temperature rises to more than 37.5 degrees Celsius. Babies usually will not be given fever-reducing drugs if the temperature does not exceed 38 - 38.5 degrees Celsius. An increase in body temperature is needed for the child's immune system to work in killing viruses or bacteria that attack their body.

Children who are sick, including a cold cough, especially if the cough is accompanied by phlegm, tend to be less willing to eat. In this condition, you don't need to force your child to eat too much. Provide food that your child wants to eat (healthy food, of course, not candy, chocolate, or chips). If your child doesn't want to eat rice, you can replace it with other foods, such as potatoes or pasta. If the child still doesn't want to eat, you can increase the number of snacks such as fruit that the child wants to eat. This condition of not wanting to eat when sick will improve when the child has started to recover from his illness. Not wanting to eat for a while will not affect your child's development.

Vomiting is also a common symptom when a child is sick. As long as your child still wants to drink (drinking breast milk is better than formula milk), the child is still urinating well, the child is active as usual, there is nothing you need to worry about

If the child's illness is prolonged (until after 7 days it doesn't get better), you should take your child to the Pediatrician for further evaluation and management.

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