11 Month Old Baby Weighs Only 7 Kg?

Illustration of 11 Month Old Baby Weighs Only 7 Kg?
Illustration: 11 Month Old Baby Weighs Only 7 Kg? Bing

late, I want to ask 25feb. yesterday I gave birth to my first son, bb at birth 2.6 and pj 47, my child is exclusively breastfed, when I entered breastfeeding my child was very difficult to eat, until my child’s age is now 11 months, 7 kg I’m very active, it’s normal that I’m 11 months old, my child is only 7 kg, so I’m asking for a solution for my child who has a hard time eating… Thank you..

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Hello good morning ma'am.

When children are given solid food, some children will experience difficulty eating. This happens because of changes in eating patterns in children so that children need time to adjust to new food textures and tastes.

To find out whether a child's weight is normal, underweight, or overweight, it can be seen on the growth curve, both on the Card Towards Health curve distributed by posyandu (in pink), as well as other curves that are generally used in the world, namely WHO or CDC growth curve. From the WHO growth curve, on the 'weight for age' curve boys aged 11 months have a normal weight range of 7.5 kg to 11.5 kg. Based on the curve, your child is a little underweight. Causes of underweight children include:

The child has difficulty eating or 'breaks down' eating

The child is experiencing an infection, such as a tuberculosis infection, chronic respiratory infection, or helminthiasis.

Impaired absorption of food, for example due to repeated diarrhea or intestinal disease resulting in impaired absorption of nutrients

The child has a congenital disease, such as congenital heart disease


Mothers can try the following things to deal with children who have difficulty eating:

Give food in small portions, but often. Children will usually feel pressured when they see food in a full plate

Invite friends his age to eat together, usually this way the child tends to be more enthusiastic when eating

Avoid giving breast milk before eating solid food, because this can make the child already full

Use tableware with interesting shapes or pictures

If the child's weight does not go up, I suggest that the child see a doctor (or more specifically a pediatrician), to find out the cause of the complaints that the mother feels. The doctor may order blood lab tests, stool examinations, or x-rays if needed. Do not forget to weigh the child's weight and record it regularly, for example at the nearest posyandu.

Regards, dr. Denisa

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