16 Months Old, Weighing 8 Kg And Suffering From PDA?

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good night doctor, my child is 16 months old, diagnosed (pda), his weight is only 8 kilos, but the development of cpet is all over the years. yes, what’s lacking in breastfeeding because my child doesn’t want to be supportive, thank you

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Hi. Thank you for the question for HealthReplies.com.

PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) is a condition in which there is a permanent connection between the aorta and pulmonary artery. The exact cause of PDA is not known until now, but some things that are risk factors are premature birth, genetics, infection during pregnancy, especially rubella, birth in high altitude areas, etc. A small PDA usually does not cause symptoms but a PDA that is large enough will cause the work of the heart to become heavy and cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, fatigue, sweating when eating or crying, lack of appetite, and growth problems.

For 16 months of age with a body weight of 8 kg is still classified as under nutrition. The possible cause of this is the PDA in the mother's child. Regarding urine production, it is usually calculated using urine volume / body weight / time and not urinary frequency. For normal urine standards around 0.5-1 ml / kgbb / hour. We strongly recommend you to consult directly with a pediatrician. The doctor will do questions and answers and some examinations on your child. Several tests that may be done, such as examination of nutritional status, blood tests, radiological examinations, and if necessary, echocardiography examinations to assess current heart function. After making a careful direct assessment, the doctor will be able to determine the right treatment according to the condition being experienced.

What we can suggest at this point is:

- Provide additional food for your child in addition to breast milk because exclusive breastfeeding is only for babies 6 months and under.

- Provide food with balanced nutrition.

- Avoid giving foods such as sweet drinks, candy, cakes because even though they have high calories, they are not good for health.

So, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Setiawan Winarso

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