2 Year Old Baby’s Stomach Pain?

Illustration of 2 Year Old Baby’s Stomach Pain?
Illustration: 2 Year Old Baby’s Stomach Pain? todaysparent.com

Hello. Sorry for asking. My child has been 3 days like to suddenly say that the term abdominal pain is rather long in a day but the duration is less than 2 min. When I don’t try, there is no tenderness. Chapter in my opinion is normal. It’s a little liquid but there’s 3 times a little shari pulp. When I was fed, the tba arrived, it said stomach skit. For that age, is there any further examination?

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Stomach pain in children does not always indicate serious illness. Could be, abdominal pain is just a form of effort to seek your attention. It could also, this abdominal pain he expressed when feeling hungry, want to defecate, or urinate. In rare cases, abdominal pain in children may also occur due to a disease, such as dyspepsia, digestive infections, urinary tract infections, intestinal obstruction, allergies or food malabsorption, poisoning, muscle cramps, post-injury, and so on.

You need to be aware of abdominal pain that your child is experiencing associated with an illness if:

 The intensity of the pain was very great, so that the child cringed in pain, fussing, difficulty sleeping, often bent his body, less active. Abdominal pain appeared accompanied by no appetite, bowel obstruction, history of injuries around the stomach, fever, hard stomach, often belching, nausea, vomiting, frequent or difficult bowel movements Abdominal pain persists for more than 3 days If no signs above appear, chances are your child's condition is still mild and can be treated with:

 Warm compresses on your child's abdominal area that are painful, don't be carelessly ordered or over-pressed Give your child regular, small but frequent meals. Make sure you feed your child food and drink that is processed with a perfect clean and cooked. Not too much to get children to eat instant food or snacks. carelessly Give children comfortable and loose clothing Give children more to drink warm water Keep the environment clean of children Do not give children carelessly medication if not prescribed by a doctor However, if the opposite happens, there are signs of alert as we have mentioned above, then you you should immediately check your child to a doctor or pediatrician. If necessary, the doctor can later give your child certain medications, or encourage your child to undergo an x-ray examination, ultrasound, blood tests, urine tests, and other supporting examinations.

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