2 Years Old Toddlers Change Drinking Formula 2 Different Brands

Excuse me, permission to ask, is it permissible if a 2-year-old baby drinks formula with two different brands every day and how does it react if something bad happens and how to deal with it? Thanks.

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Formula milk on the market on average has been formulated with nutritional content that is appropriate for the age of the child. You may only give formula milk with 2 different brands as long as the child matches the formula milk and does not cause allergies or lactose intolerance. and give milk in accordance with the dose and do not overdo or decrease. What you have to make sure is that you give milk that is suitable for the age of the child and do not give both milk at the same time so that the calories provided are not excessive. Excessive milking can cause excessive calories in the body of the child and can cause the child to become obese which further has its own health hazards. In addition, make sure you make the milk according to the recommended quantities on the product packaging, do not add the dose of milk and do not add additional sweeteners. You should give one brand in the morning and one brand at night. the most important thing is not to cause an allergic reaction when an allergic reaction arises, you can immediately stop and immediately consult a pediatrician to get the right solution.

What you need to know is that formula milk serves as a nutritional supplement and is not the main nutrient that must be given to children. Thus, if you only have one type of formula milk, it never hurts. So that the nutritional needs of children can be met properly, you are strongly encouraged to provide variations in the main food sources for children, including vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs, yogurt. fish, if the child can consume various kinds of nutritious food according to his needs.

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