25 Weeks Pregnant Baby Invite Contractions?

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Evening .. I just gave birth to my baby on the 5th yesterday. And my pregnancy age is still 25 weeks. And 3 days earlier I went to massage my stomach and thighs because it hurts so much to walk. nOn the 5th I started to feel contractions after checking my baby’s scale, it was only 860 grams. The doctor said that survival is difficult nAnd the doctor also said that my pregnancy had an INFECTION. nDr 2 months to 5 months pregnant, I often get blood spots if I’m tired. nWhat is my question .. What causes my baby to have contractions at 25 weeks pregnant. nDoes the infection occur because a young pregnancy for up to 5 months is always out of spots or in order? For my baby’s weight is normal .. And the growth is good. And I am still devastated by the passing of my baby. nPlease explain

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Hello mom. Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. We are sorry about what happened to Mother.

Contractions of the uterus during pregnancy can be normal if they are infrequent and brief. The contractions that result in the opening of the cervix can lead to preterm labor. Preterm labor is delivery at 20-37 weeks of gestation. In preterm labor, the organs in the fetus are not yet fully formed, which can cause various health problems. Babies born at gestational age less than 34 weeks are very difficult to maintain. Therefore, if the condition of the mother and the fetus is stable, the doctor will give drugs to help the fetus' lungs mature and prevent labor.

In the case of the mother, there has been an infection in the uterus which can be very dangerous for the fetus, so that the delivery process cannot be delayed. A dangerous infection that can threaten the fetus is called chorioamnionitis. This infection occurs in the amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid. These infections often cause the baby to be born immediately. This infection is caused by bacteria that initially reside in the mother's urinary tract and then climb up to the uterus. Infection in pregnancy can cause rupture of the membranes and preterm labor. The contractions you feel occur because of an infection in your uterus.

Infection of the uterus is not caused directly by bleeding from the birth canal at a young gestational age or sequences. However, bleeding from the birth canal during pregnancy is never normal, especially if it has recurred. The mother must see a gynecologist for further tests to determine why the bleeding occurred. Bleeding during pregnancy can be dangerous for both the mother and the fetus. Mothers who are pregnant also should not be massaged on the stomach or on the back when they are prone. Massage on the belly of pregnant women can be very dangerous.

Mother may still be very sad right now. Husband and family support is very important for mothers. Even though you are sad, you should strengthen yourself so that you can get pregnant again. Mothers need to prepare themselves so that you and the fetus are always healthy in the next pregnancy. In preparing for the next pregnancy, you should be closely monitored by a gynecologist. You can take supplements for pregnant women from now on so that your condition is prime when you get pregnant. During pregnancy, you should also check regularly with your obstetrician. If bleeding occurs during pregnancy, come immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room. Get plenty of rest and eat good nutritious food.

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