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hello I want to ask if no menstruation can enter antibiotics via miss V this is my first day of menstruation … thank you for responding

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

First of all, I want to confirm first, what antibiotics do you want to put in your vagina? Is the drug intended to be inserted into the vagina (vaginal suppository)? Is the medicine prescribed by your doctor?

Basically, not all types of antibiotics (or antiparasitic and antifungal) may be inserted into the vagina. Drugs that can be inserted into the vagina are only drugs that are made to be inserted into the vagina (vaginal suppository). All types of vaginal suppositories include hard drugs that you should not use if you have not seen a doctor and you should not have purchased them without a prescription from a doctor.

If indeed you get the medicine from your doctor, then you can use the medicine according to the rules given by your doctor, and you can also use the drug even when you are menstruating (though the first day of menstruation). You just have to make sure you are using sanitary pads and should not use tampons to collect your menstrual blood. If you haven't seen a doctor and not the doctor who prescribed the medicine for you, you should not use the medicine.

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