2nd Incision?

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Evening .. nI want to ask n1. Is the white under the tongue after a tongue tie incision proper? Because for a week it didn’t disappear .. n2. Today my child is incised for the second time because the tongue strap is tight again even though I have done tongue exercises, is it possible that it will be tight again and incised for the third time? NThank you.

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From the info you convey,

1. There are complaints of vaginal discharge in the tongue tie incision area, possibly because the wound care at home after the incision is less than optimal. After your baby gets an incision, the incision area will experience inflammation and open wounds, so that if the baby's oral hygiene is not properly maintained, then after your baby drinks breast milk or formula milk, it can cause vaginal discharge in the baby's oral cavity, one of which is in the area. under the tongue. Therefore, after your baby drinks you can perform maintenance and cleaning of the oral cavity, tongue and under the tongue or you can also evaluate the condition of your baby's oral cavity every once in a while.

If this vaginal discharge is not cleaned, it will form a film or plaque on the area under the tongue.

Another possibility, the presence of fungal infection factors can also trigger this complaint.

2. The complication of tongue tie incision is the recurrence of ties that interfere with tongue movement, so that the tongue tie can recur. Therefore, the possibility of recurrent tongue tie after the second incision is still possible, but it is hoped that after the second incision, this risk of tongue tie recurrence does not occur again. If this happens, the incision can be reconsidered, to help your baby get comfortable while drinking or eating.

Consult your pediatrician again for good home care after incisions.

That is the information we can convey, also read tongue tie recurrence.


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