3-month-old Babies Often Shake Their Heads And Beat Their Stomachs?

Illustration of 3-month-old Babies Often Shake Their Heads And Beat Their Stomachs?
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Ass I want to ask My child is 3 months old, often shaking his head, farting, and pounding his stomach and experiencing red spots on the head, chest, back and back accompanied by fever, flu, and coughing. There is a rash in the folds of the neck and ears Not defecate for 4/5 days. Still given exclusive breastfeeding not yet given. Please explain and its solution. “Thank you for your time.”

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A 3 month old baby still has an innate reflex that will disappear by itself over the age of 6 months. A baby who is patting his stomach may be part of a Moro reflex when the baby hears a sound, happy when spoken to / joking. A baby who shakes his head can also be a reaction to searching for sounds around.

Babies who consume exclusive breastfeeding indeed tend to take longer to expel feces from the large intestine because breast milk is very easy to digest and sometimes does not leave residue in the large intestine. Babies with exclusive breastfeeding can wait for up to 14 days without defecation. Babies who often urinate can be caused by flatulence.

Red rashes on almost all parts of the body that appear together with fever, cough and runny nose may be caused by a mild viral infection.

When a baby has a fever, the baby tends to sweat more often during the fever-dropping phase, if evaporation on the surface of the skin does not go well, the baby is rested in a hot / humid room, baby clothes are too thick and tight, sometimes there are complaints of prickly heat. But you need to be vigilant if your baby's complaints are accompanied by fever more than 39 degrees Celsius, the baby is very weak or otherwise very fussy, sleep all day do not want to drink breast milk, stiffness in the neck and body, tonsils on the head swollen, and red rashes that when pressed with a red glass glass does not fade reddish. If there are 2 of these symptoms, immediately take your baby to the Pediatrician. The doctor will conduct a medical examination and if necessary investigations such as blood tests, lung X-rays, and CT scans / MRI. The doctor will immediately conduct medical treatment in accordance with the diagnosis of your child's illness.

While at home, do the following:

To reduce babies who are too often shocked and do reflexes, loose swaddling babies and try to sound around the baby is not too loud and suddenly approached / raised the baby. Babies who are too often shocked sometimes become tired and fussy.

To expedite baby's digestion, do a few tips in this HealthReplies.com article.

To make the baby more comfortable during a fever, place the baby in a comfortable and cool room, wear thin, loose clothes, more often breastfeed the baby, especially in a slightly upright position (to reduce bloating) and more often hugging and being with the baby during his illness.

Read here about Red Spots in Infants.

Thus the info we can share, hopefully helps you.

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