3 Months Late Menstruation Accompanied By Lower Stomach Pain That Moves?

Illustration of 3 Months Late Menstruation Accompanied By Lower Stomach Pain That Moves?
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Hello .., I want to ask, I have late menstruation 3 months, and now I am experiencing pain on the inside, which is moving, firstly skit on the right waist, after a few days below the belly button, then move again on the left waist, and then now moved on my slit thigh gap near miss v, I need to press it, but it is skipped but it is rubbed, like a skit on the skin, but the skin is reddish, there isn’t any reddish skin, as usual, but when it is touched it is touched. , please provide a solution.

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Hello Nurriana, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com

First of all, not having menstruation for 3 months is not normal. This condition is called secondary amenorrhoea. A woman can be said to have secondary amenorrhea if she does not get a menstrual cycle for 3 months (in women who had a regular menstrual cycle) or did not get a menstrual cycle for 6 months (in women whose menstrual cycles were previously irregular).

There are various causes of secondary amenorrhoea, but the most common cause is pregnancy. If you have a history of previous sexual relations, you should do a pregnancy test using a test pack first. If you don't have a history of sexual intercourse or have negative test pack results, then you need to think about other causes of secondary amenorrhoea, for example:

Excess stress
Excessive weight loss or increase
The body is too fat or too thin
Excessive exercise
Use of drugs and hormonal contraception
Infection of the reproductive tract
Certain diseases such as PCOS, disorders of the thyroid hormone, diabetes
Certain cancers that cause hormonal disorders

Abdominal lower abdomen pain that can occur due to many possibilities, can be associated with late menstruation that you experience, or not. The following are some of the possibilities:

gastrointestinal disorders, such as appendicitis / appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, constipation, gastroenteritis, inflammation of the intestine, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), hernias, etc.
disorders of the urinary tract, such as urinary tract infections, ureteral stones

disorders of the reproductive organs, for example ovarian cyst twisted or ruptured, pelvic inflammatory disease, pregnancy and various complications

You should immediately check with your obstetrician for further examination related to menstrual disorders that you experience. You can also tell your doctor about your abdominal pain so that you can also evaluate your abdominal pain. If it is needed, you can be referred to other doctors according to the findings of your obstetrician.

For now, you can try to reduce stress, improve your diet and exercise regularly, get enough sleep, maintain ideal body weight, and if stomach pain is very disturbing, you can take pain relievers such as paracetamol.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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