3 Times Negative HIV Test Results, Are The Results Valid?

Illustration of 3 Times Negative HIV Test Results, Are The Results Valid?
Illustration: 3 Times Negative HIV Test Results, Are The Results Valid? researchgate.net

Hello, I want to ask, I have had relations with women who are not my spouse by not using condoms around the month of 9 2017 and in 3 2018 I did a vct test that the results were non-corrective and I did another test in 10 2018 and the results were non-reactive too to be sure again I did the test again in the month of 2019 and the results were non-reactive, from these results am I correct “negative hiv? 3 days I am not feeling well like a cold cough and like there is a bad feeling when swallowing but not sick , is that a symptom of HIV ??? Thank you

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Hello David99, thank you for asking on the HealthReplies.com forum.

Based on HIV management guidelines issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, HIV testing can be divided into 3: A1 (first-level examination), A2 (second-level examination), and A3 (third-level examination). Someone will be said to have a negative result if they suffer from HIV if:

A1 non-reactive examination results A1-receptive results but at A1 and A2 re-examinations show non-reactive results One of the results of the examination shows reactive results but the person is not included in the risk group for HIV. Furthermore, people with negative results of this examination will be advised to Follow the follow up below:

Re-examination of a minimum of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months from the first examination if included in the risk group. Live healthy behaviors if not included in the risk group. If you follow these guidelines, it can be said that your 4x examination results show the results which is negative, so it can be said that you most likely are not infected with HIV. But continue to consult further with your doctor about the results of these examinations to be more sure.

Regarding the complaint you are feeling at the moment, the complaint may be an early symptom of HIV, or it is another disease such as ARI, flu, other viral infections, and so it requires a direct examination by a doctor, whether these symptoms and results other tests (both physical and other additional examinations) support whether or not there is an HIV virus infection. The doctor will then adjust the therapy for you based on the disease that caused the complaint.

For now, live a better life such as not having sex with a partner who is at high risk of transmitting HIV, if you really want to have sex, use a condom. Also avoid using needles and syringes with others.

I hope this helps.

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