3 Week Old Baby Pooped With Problems

Illustration of 3 Week Old Baby Pooped With Problems
Illustration: 3 Week Old Baby Pooped With Problems

Hello doc … my baby is 3 weeks … More or less this week he pooped more frequently than before … The color was slimy green and like there were chili seeds … and every pooped he was crying and after that he cried … every pup That must be it … My baby drinks formula milk more often. Please ask for a solution dock.

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Hello Fahri,

Thank you for the question.

CHAPTER babies who are more frequent, greenish, seeded, and make excessive straining to cry can occur due to symptoms of allergies, intolerance, or malabsorption in the digestive tract, one of the triggers is improper formula feeding. It could also be, interference with the pattern of BAB like this is caused by other factors, such as gastroenteritis, inflammation of the intestine, benign or malignant tumors, side effects of drugs, and so on.

If your baby's bowel movements do not occur too often (more than 10 times a day), also not accompanied by vomiting, high fever, colic, bloody stool, or other more severe complaints, this condition should not be feared excessive. What is important, you do first:

Re-feed your baby ASI more often, do not add formula milk or other foods and drinks before the baby is 6 months old
Frequently, babies do not want to breastfeed because of nipple confusion, therefore, don't give baby milk with a pacifier, replace it with a spoon or cupfeeder
So that your milk is produced more, drink lots, eat nuts and variety of nutritious foods, don't stress, increase relaxation, and rest while there is free time
Keep the baby's environment clean, lest he eat dangerous objects that should not be eaten, be diligent in bathing the baby and washing his hands
Before breastfeeding your baby, wash your hands first, clean your breasts, and also clean your baby's oral cavity and tongue
Do not carelessly give babies drugs or supplements, without doctor's advice

If with the above efforts your baby's complaints don't improve, or if there are other complaints that appear more severe as we have mentioned above, you should take your baby to see a doctor or pediatrician for further evaluation and management, yes. If It is necessary, the doctor can later do blood tests, feces, and even ultrasound in order to identify what exactly causes the complaint.

I hope this helps.

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