3 Year Old Child Doesn’t Want To Eat Rice?

Illustration of 3 Year Old Child Doesn’t Want To Eat Rice?
Illustration: 3 Year Old Child Doesn’t Want To Eat Rice? Bing

Good afternoon. We have a child aged 3 years, our child is difficult (even unwilling) to eat rice u0026amp; want to eat noodles, snacks (especially chocolate) u0026amp; drinking milk. Now our son prefers kokorunch u0026amp; oreo (sorry to mention the brand) and drink milk. We have also tried to give honey an appetite enhancer but it was rejected u0026amp; also been persuaded with a gift if you want to eat rice but also refused. Are our children’s nutrition fulfilled by only consuming these snacks? how to get our child to eat rice. Thank you in advance.

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Hi Subiyanto,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

There is something that needs to be straightened out from the mindset of most of the people of our country, that "you haven't eaten, if you haven't eaten rice". In fact, nutritional needs are not solely derived from rice. Rice is a carbohydrate-rich food source, which is important in supporting the work of the brain, muscles, and various other organs of the body. However, there are many other sources of carbohydrates that can be consumed, not only rice, but also wheat, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cassava, and so on. Forcing a child to eat rice too much can actually traumatize him and make him more reluctant to eat rice.

Most cases of difficulty eating in children are caused by improper eating patterns. In addition to frequently forcing children to eat, the habit of giving snacks, eating while walking, giving food as gifts, and so on can also cause difficulty eating. It could also be that children find it difficult to eat because they are bored, do not like the menu provided, are full, or feel uncomfortable in their bodies, for example due to nausea, tooth pain, and so on. Furthermore, difficulty eating can also occur due to a disease, such as a chronic infection (eg tuberculosis), gastrointestinal disorders (eg Crohn's disease, intestinal worms), and so on.

Try measuring first how your child is growing at this time, is it in accordance with the standards of his age? At the age of 3 years, the normal weight of a child ranges from 11.5 to 17 kg. If your child's weight is still within the normal range, in general the condition is not dangerous. However, nutritional adequacy is not only assessed from growth, but also from cognitive abilities, endurance, and so on. Therefore, you still need to vary your diet to meet its nutritional needs.

You can do the following steps:

If the child does not want to eat rice, replace the carbohydrate source with another (as mentioned above)
Vary the food menu and make it look attractive
Never force a child to eat
Limit giving snacks between meals, you can still give him a drink
Get used to children being disciplined in time and how to eat
Invite him to eat with you
Create a pleasant dining atmosphere, may be while joking, while playing, but not walking around
If the child still refuses to eat, offer it back in a gentle way. However, if after more than half an hour the child still does not want to eat, stop feeding, no need to force, teach your child to recognize hunger
Avoid giving food as a reward or punishment
Invite children to actively move and be active so that hunger arises, so that they want to eat

If the steps above still don't work, try having your child checked by a pediatrician for further evaluation.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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