3 Year Olds Cannot Walk Alone?

Hello .. my child is now 3 years old …. but until now, I can’t walk alone, still being carried, he can do it for about half a year … when he is less than 2.5 years old, he can’t do what he thinks about the most. .. So in the past, she used to vomit when she wanted to run out of mimi or not so she often vomited once, it was estimated that 1 cup later, besides vomiting, if she looked at her red skin, could that be the trigger for her slow development? Send in advance

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Hello, good morning Ms. Nurilah ..

How about the development of your other children? Are there speech disorders and so on? Is the child's growth (weight and height) also affected?

These things also need to be known to ascertain what conditions cause children to experience delays in walking. It is necessary to check how the growth and development of your child is, whether the weight and height are normal, and whether other developments are also affected, such as verbal (speech), fine motor skills, social, etc.

Normally, children generally can walk at the age of 12-18 months. The causes of children experiencing delays in walking include:

cerebral palsy (CP) or cerebral palsy. CP is usually suspected when there is a history of the baby who does not immediately cry during delivery, does not immediately breathe or has difficulty breathing, muscle movements are weak, and bluish. In CP complaints of developmental delay usually occur in general / general, so not only the ability to walk is impaired, but also the ability to speak, social, etc. abnormalities in the structure of the bones and limbs, such as deformities of the legs. In this situation, the growth and development of the other children is fine, only the ability to walk is impaired. excess body weight so that children find it difficult to support their own body lack of stimulation. If the results of the examination are all within normal limits, but the child is still unable to walk, it is necessary to suspect that the child is experiencing delays in walking only due to lack of stimulation, balance disorders etc.

We highly recommend that you check your child with a pediatrician, especially at a growth and development clinic to find out the exact condition your child is experiencing. The doctor will explore complaints, labor history, previous medical history and perform various tests, such as the denver test. If necessary, the doctor may perform other supporting examinations, such as X-rays.

Regarding the relationship, frequent vomiting can indeed cause a person to have difficulty walking, due to electrolyte disturbances that occur due to vomiting (loss of fluids). However, this usually does not last a long time, because as vomiting stops and food & drink intake improves, electrolytes will return to normal. Meanwhile, regarding the relationship between complaints of long-standing vomiting and delays in walking, so far we have not found a correlation.

I hope this helps.

dr. Denisa

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