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good night .. I am 36 weeks pregnant, but my stomach size looks bigger than other mothers who are pregnant the same age. after yesterday I went to the midwife my fundal height was 31 cm. is that normal? nthank you

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Hello April,

Fundus uterine height (TFU) is the height of the top of the uterus. For the age of 36 weeks, the TFU is around the xyphoideus processus + - 2 fingers or about 36 cm + - 2 cm. However, these standards are not binding because every pregnant woman's condition can be different. Besides, the TFU examination alone cannot confirm the true condition of the fetus. The size of the stomach cannot be used as a benchmark for the health of pregnant women.

TFU that does not match the estimated gestational age itself can be affected by the position of the fetus (latitude, breech, normal), small fetuses, measurement method errors, less or a lot of amniotic fluid, the posture of pregnant women is indeed thin, and the fetus has entered the pelvis.

To ensure the condition of the fetus, it requires a series of examinations by an obstetrician such as interviews, physical examinations, and supporting examinations including ultrasound, blood tests and urine tests if necessary. Through these examinations the doctor will be able to draw conclusions about the condition of the fetus and the condition of the pregnant woman, including fetal heart rate, estimated fetal weight, placental condition, umbilical cord, fetal position, amniotic fluid, detection of fetal abnormalities, detection of infection during pregnancy, and detection of complications and other disorders in pregnancy and childbirth.

You better keep thinking positive and don't worry too much just yet. I suggest that you do pregnancy control 1-2x / month with an obstetrician so that the condition of your pregnancy and fetus can be monitored properly. There is nothing wrong if you start preparing for labor. Normal childbirth can occur at any time when the gestational age is full at around 37-40 weeks.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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