3x Curettage Because The Fetus Does Not Develop Is There A Virus Toxo?

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I am a woman imur 34 I was pregnant 2 normal and 3 backward did not develop 3x also curettage and now I am pregnant 1 month during my last curettage my blood test results igg anti-toxo (elfa) 13.00 and igg cmv (elfa) 36 whether my pregnancy will be bothered by that doct I was traumatized because I have curetted 3x because the fetus is not developing what should I do doct will my pregnancy be problematic … please inform me doct whether this pregnancy should be resolved or I leave because of the virus above

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Hello Dephy, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Anti-Toxoplasma and CMV IgG examination basically only shows whether you have experienced toxoplasmic parasitic infection and CMV virus or not. If positive, this indicates that you have had an infection from both of them in the past, but it cannot be determined whether you are currently experiencing an active infection or not. So you need another investigation to determine whether you have an infection that is active or not good for Toxoplasmosis and also the CMV virus infection.

Looking at your pregnancy history, it is strongly recommended that you immediately check your pregnancy to the obstetrician to determine whether you need another examination or not, and how is your fetus's condition, whether you have a disability or not. Subsequent treatment all depends on the results of your examination and also how the condition of your fetus. If it is possible to be maintained by your obstetrician, you will definitely recommend it. It is not recommended to abort a pregnancy without clear consideration and without the advice of a doctor.

It is also highly recommended for you to continue to take precautions so as not to be re-infected by both the parasitic toxoplasma, the CMV virus and infections from bacteria / viruses / other parasites which are also dangerous for pregnancy.

I hope this helps.

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