4 Month Old Baby’s Legs Cross?

Illustration of 4 Month Old Baby’s Legs Cross?
Illustration: 4 Month Old Baby’s Legs Cross? day2dayparenting.com


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Need to be clarified, what kind of crossed leg conditions do you mean? Does the shape of the angle of the knee between the thigh and calf look like the letter X? Are there other complaints your child has experienced?

While still in the womb, the position of the baby folds to adjust to the narrow uterine space. This causes many babies to have a leg shape that looks crossed like the letter X. In the medical realm, the shape of the foot like this is called genu valgum. Often, along with its growth, of course, with good habituation, this condition will improve by itself without the need for special treatment.

However, in some cases, this condition can also persist to a more mature age (more than 8 years). Depending on the severity and underlying cause, the shape of the leg X may not cause significant complaints for the child, but it can also cause more severe complications, such as asymmetrical length of the lower legs, recurring back pain, difficulty walking and activating, obstacle of labor, increased risk of osteoarthritis , etc. The cause of this condition can last for a long time is usually due to:

Genetic (hereditary) History of injury or infection of the lower limbs, especially the knee Bone malformations due to lack of vitamin D and calcium (rickets) Obesity Arthritis (arthritis) in the knee joint Other bone diseases, etc. Normal or not your child's condition can only be evaluated through direct physical examination by a doctor or pediatrician, so it is not enough to consult online like this huh .. Try to have your child checked directly to the nearest health facility. Depending on the severity and causes, your child's condition can be adequately addressed by observation, weight management (to avoid or overcome obesity), physiotherapy, surgery, and so on.

At this time, you don't need to worry too much. Give your child exclusive breastfeeding and add a healthy MPASI and balanced nutritional value when he is even 6 months. Stimulation continues for the child's development according to his age. Be more careful in choosing a child's footwear, especially when he is still not adept at walking. Finally, do not carelessly massage or pull the baby's legs.

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