4 Months Late Menstruation Accompanied By Breast Discharge?

Illustration of 4 Months Late Menstruation Accompanied By Breast Discharge?
Illustration: 4 Months Late Menstruation Accompanied By Breast Discharge? Bing

..rnI’m 21 years old, I’m 4 months late for my period, then it hurts around my breast and when I squeeze water, why is that? Thank you

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Hi Lailis,

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Previously I need to know whether during these 4 months you have not got a menstrual cycle or during these 4 months you still get a menstrual cycle but always late from the date it should?

Amenorrhea is one of the menstrual disorders, a person is said to be amenorrhea if he does not get the menstrual cycle as it should. Amenorrhea can be divided into 2, namely primary amenorrhea, in which a woman has not had her period at all until she is 16 years old, but secondary sex signs have appeared before such as breast growth and secondary amenorrhea where a woman who has had menstruation does not get her period for 3 months. consecutive. In some normal conditions this can occur such as in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Amenorrhea can occur in several circumstances, including:

PCOS Drugs Ovarian cancer Obesity If you mean the menstrual cycle is always late every month, it can be caused by a longer cycle than usual or it can also be called oligomenorrhea, but the amount of menstrual blood and the duration of menstruation remain normal.

Regarding your breasts, need to know if there were lumps before? Are you married ? Is it accompanied by pain? Discharge from the breast can be associated with galactorrhea.

To answer these questions, it is necessary to have a direct examination by a doctor. So that the cause can be identified, and a definite diagnosis can be made. We recommend that you check your condition to the doctor, so that the doctor can do a thorough examination.

Here are things you need to pay attention to:

Avoid stress Adequate rest Consumption of balanced nutritious food Regular exercise Maintain ideal body weight. That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

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