4-year-old Child Itching Ear

Illustration of 4-year-old Child Itching Ear
Illustration: 4-year-old Child Itching Ear

Doc my 4-year-old son, he feels extraordinary itching on his ear every day until he is cranky and crying. In fact, I always clean up. I also got to go to the PMI ENT ‚Äč‚Äčexpert there, he was in tools and feces, but after a long time itched, it was great every day.

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Itching in a child's ear can indeed be caused by a buildup of dirt in the ear. But if it's already checked by an ENT doctor, it's been cleaned, and the ear still feels itchy, so it's also important to think about other possible causes of itching in your child's ears. The following are some other possible causes:

infections of the external ear (otitis externa)
ear contact dermatitis (for example irritation or allergic to certain shampoo or hair care products, certain creams used around the ears, detergents used to wash pillows / bolsters used by children, etc.)
atopic dermatitis
seborrheic dermatitis
other skin diseases such as psoriasis, fungal or bacterial infections of the skin, etc.
food allergies or drugs
irritation from the ear being cleaned too often
insect bite

You can try the following:

Try to clean the ears properly when the child is bathing. Do not put water in his ears, but just clean the ears with warm water, make sure there is no soap or shampoo left / stick to the ears after finishing bathing
Do not clean earwax using ear scrapers or cotton buds, the ear has the ability to remove earwax itself, the more often it is cleaned with ear scrapers or cotton buds, the ability to clean yourself will get worse
Use mild, hypoallergenic detergent to wash pillowcases, bolsters, and children's sheets, change sheets at least once a week
If itching appears every child eats certain foods, you should try to stop the feeding and monitor the symptoms again
Prevent the child scratching his ear, compress the ear with a cold compress when it is experiencing itching.

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