5 Month Baby’s Back Like Tinea Versicolor?

Illustration of 5 Month Baby’s Back Like Tinea Versicolor?
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Night doctor, I want to ask, my baby’s skin is dry, dry, but the dry volume is gt, so I went to the clinic, he said he was given baby oil or something moist, but after that my child’s skin looks like tinea versicolor. N yes and what is the cure? Thank you

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Baby's skin can become dry due to various factors, including being in a windy environment, exposure to excessive cold weather, not drinking enough, using inappropriate skin care products, irritation due to the use of certain clothing materials, and so on. Dry baby skin can make babies feel uncomfortable, because it often causes itching. Furthermore, dry skin will make it easier to peel, even cuts and cracks. Therefore, the steps you are taking are right, which is to have your baby's skin checked by a doctor.

Giving moisturizer to treat dry baby's skin is intended to increase skin moisture. You can choose a special baby moisturizer product which is of course hypoallergenic and non-irritating. With regular use coupled with adequate fluid intake (i.e. through adequate breastfeeding and complementary foods), condition the environment so that it is not dry and too cold, keep the baby's skin clean, and also provide the baby with soft clothes, generally dryness of the baby's skin can overcome slowly.

The appearance of a rash on the skin that resembles tinea versicolor after applying a moisturizer on the baby's dry skin may indicate an inflammation. This inflammation can be triggered by irritation or allergies due to improper use of moisturizers. Or, it could be that the rash is due to an infection. High skin moisture, if not accompanied by good hygiene, can indeed make it easier for disease-causing microorganisms, for example fungi, to reproduce rapidly.

If you notice that the rash is getting bigger, or makes your baby feel itchy and uncomfortable, you should check your baby again to the doctor for further treatment. In the meantime, you should not peel or rub anything on the rash that appears otherwise suggested directly by the doctor. Bathe your baby regularly using special baby soaps and shampoos, give your baby soft clothes, and avoid exchanging towels or clothes with other people to keep your baby clean.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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