5 Month Pregnant Women Often Consume Bottled Drinks?

Illustration of 5 Month Pregnant Women Often Consume Bottled Drinks?
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hello I’m pregnant 5 months ago and then I often skali drink kmasan drinks that have frozen, brat bdan I also only 45 kg, is that normal and nothing?

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Hello Verna,

Thank you for the question.

Consumption of bottled drinks in healthy people, as long as it is done within reasonable limits, is actually not dangerous. However, this condition returns to the type of drink, the composition in it, and how much you consume it.

What is often feared in bottled drinks is the potential to contain excessive sweeteners, so that if consumed by pregnant women the risk of causing the fetus in the womb to grow too large and complicate labor. Not only that, excessive consumption of packaged drinks can also make you full longer, and if this condition makes you lazy to eat, then the development of the fetus in your womb can be hampered due to lack of nutrition. Some types of packaged drinks also contain caffeine, preservatives, or other chemicals that are harmful to the mother and fetus when consumed in excessive amounts. If the drink is not stored in a clean, cool temperature, or exposed to direct sunlight, then this drink is also vulnerable to contamination and even change its contents which are toxic when consumed.

To minimize the risk of these adverse effects, pregnant women are advised to consume more food and drinks that are fresh, freshly made, nutritionally maintained, and do not contain artificial sweeteners or other harmful chemicals. That way, your health and the fetus in your womb can be more awake.

Regarding your weight which is only 45 kg, it needs to be clarified first, how tall are you?

Small weight during pregnancy, as long as it is still ideal (for example if your body is not too tall), is not always dangerous. However, if your height is average, indeed your weight is classified as thin for the size of a woman who is pregnant. This condition, besides being caused by unhealthy eating and drinking patterns, may also indicate that you have indigestion, malignancy, an unhealthy lifestyle, infection, or other chronic illness. The good, this condition is checked directly to the doctor or obstetrician to be given the best solution. Blood tests, ultrasound, or other supporting tests doctors will usually do as an initial screening for diagnosis. In this way, of course the doctor can give you the right treatment according to the cause of your complaint.

To help maintain health and meet nutritional needs during pregnancy, you should:

Eat a variety of balanced nutritious foods, complete with vegetables and fruit, do not select foods
Try to consume foods that are fresh, cooked, and cleanly processed
Also drink enough, consume pregnant milk if necessary
Limit physical activity that is draining
Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol
Not too many thoughts, especially to stress

Hope this helps ...

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