6 Month Old Babies Cough, Run Cold And Vomit When Fed?

Is it fair when a child coughs a cold and vomits when given food?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Vomiting is a common occurrence in babies. There are babies who experience it occasionally and there are also babies who vomit every time they eat. To find out whether this is a normal condition or not, it is necessary to know the difference between normal and abnormal vomiting.

Normal vomiting is found in babies who are only a few weeks old because the work of the digestive system is not yet complete. Vomiting is also normal in older babies because the baby is crying or coughing. This is because when you cry and cough, the pressure in the baby's stomach increases and causes the food that enters the stomach to be pushed out. This is also still considered normal because after the cough is cured and the crying is over, your baby should not vomit anymore.

While vomiting that is abnormal and requires further treatment is related to your baby's health condition, among the possibilities are:

Food poisoning Viral and / or bacterial infections of digestion Lung infections or pneumonia Ear infections

And usually in addition to vomiting, the abnormal condition of vomiting in babies is also followed by symptoms such as fever, greenish yellow vomiting, the baby looks very sick, there is swelling of the stomach, the baby looks weak, vomits continuously and so on.

If your baby has side symptoms like that, or if you are still confused and unsure of your baby's condition, our advice is to have your baby checked by a pediatrician to make sure that there are no health problems in your baby.

Meanwhile, be careful about feeding your baby, especially when he is still coughing. Give food very subtly and gradually and stop when he starts coughing. Start again next time. If your child's cough and cold have not been treated, you should still check with your pediatrician to be given the appropriate medicine. We wish your child a speedy recovery.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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