6 Month Old Babies Have Difficulty Drinking Milk?

Illustration of 6 Month Old Babies Have Difficulty Drinking Milk?
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My child is 6 months old, if he drinks milk, he must be nauseous first, even after just seeing the pacifier, he is already sick. I wonder how?

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Nutrition for children up to six months is recommended for exclusive breastfeeding programs. Breastfeeding can use the direct method of skin to skin breastfeeding or breast milk is pumped first and stored in a cooler, then given to babies using a bottle of milk. In storage of pumped breast milk must pay attention to storage and optimal use time. Guidelines for saving breast milk can access information from the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) at this link.

If it is felt the child does not like the use of drinking bottles for breast milk consumption, you can try breastfeeding with methododeskin to skin breastfeeding or change the type of bottle used. In addition to breastfeeding, at the age of 6 months can already be considered for the provision of complementary foods (MPASI). Giving MPASI can be given in accordance with the ability to eat the baby, can be started with the provision of smooth food, can be given boiled vegetables with a soft consistency, it is recommended to introduce MPASI in the form of vegetables first, because the baby can choose fruits continuously because it has a better taste sweet. Over time it can provide extras such as carrots, meat, green beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and other food sources.

If the child has difficulty eating and drinking, growth and development is stunted and late, the child's nutritional condition is very poor, often suffering from illness, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician regarding the examination and management according to your child's condition. For more information on granting MPASI, you can access this link.

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