6 Month Old Baby Weight?

Illustration of 6 Month Old Baby Weight?
Illustration: 6 Month Old Baby Weight? Bing

ok my baby when he was 5 months his weight was 5.7 and now at 6 months his weight has dropped to 5.6 is that ideal? Now I’m starting to only introduce food, the milk is still the same.rnHow can I increase my baby’s weight.?rnEven though at the age of months, the weight goes up by 1 per month, so I’m worried that I’m confused because a lot of yv say how come the baby is small, so I keep thinking, please help, thanks in advance.

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Hello Mrs. Aiysahnurfadilah, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com

Children's weight gain needs to be checked every month, but weight gain at each age is not the same and weight gain will decrease with age. If you see from your description that your child is 6 months old, the ideal weight is around 6.5-8.3 kg (if the weight is 5.6 kg, it is considered underweight / not ideal) the weight gain is expected to be 400 grams every month (for ages 6-7 months). If this weight does not increase or decrease then we recommend seeing a doctor, so that further examination and treatment can be carried out.

Regarding MPASI (ASI Complementary Food) is a complementary food, not as the main source of nutrition. The main source of nutrition still comes from breast milk, therefore with good quality breast milk, the child's nutrition will be fulfilled. Breastfeeding is expected until the child is 2 years old. Treatment for this condition depends on the cause, it can be due to poor nutrition, heredity from parents, or there is an underlying health problem -- that's why we recommend seeing a doctor. Meanwhile, what you can do right now include:

Give more breast milk
Pay attention to the quality of the breast milk given by paying attention to your nutritional intake, so that you can produce good quality breast milk
Check the child's growth and development regularly every month
Give complementary foods according to their age
Keep the environment clean and eating utensils
If your child looks unwell, see a doctor immediately

So much information that we can convey, may be useful. Regards, Dr. Prasetyo

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