6-month-old Baby With Fever Accompanied By A Red Rash On The Skin?

Illustration of 6-month-old Baby With Fever Accompanied By A Red Rash On The Skin?
Illustration: 6-month-old Baby With Fever Accompanied By A Red Rash On The Skin? keyassets-p2.timeincuk.net

Night … My baby had a fever of 6 months but only 37 degrees and even a day without being given paracetamol, he also had a cold and cough but was not severe within 2 days of my baby getting hot again to 37.5 degrees. Drajat changed and was given a paravetamol drop and then a fever fell after 3 days but a rash appeared before washing with red “on my back I thought it was prickly heat but right after the fever for 3 days the rash was more visible and striking in the stomach aa and the face and the skin looked dry it peeled off the red” Drinking ASI is still normal and good … I have not a new doctor k midwife must immediately doctor k ?? Is this my child still good stage? “

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Hello Mia, thanks for asking.

Normal temperature in infants ranges from 36-36.5 C. Although of course there are variations slightly shifted from normal values, depending on each baby. When the temperature reaches more than 37 C but still below 38 C, it is generally said as subfebris. Fever or febrile, said when the temperature reaches and exceeds 38 C. The cause of course varies, for example:

Ambient temperature or environment is too high.
Clothing is too thick.
Drinking less (dehydration).
Post immunization.
Diseases other than infections.

The most common infections are usually related to the respiratory tract or digestive tract. Red rashes can occur due to high body temperature. Or conversely, a red rash indicates an infection that causes high fever. Red rash with fever in infants, may be in the form of:

Chicken pox.
Scarlet fever.
Other viral and bacterial infections.

It never hurts to check the baby to a pediatrician. The doctor will assess, is there an infection to worry about. Maybe the doctor needs to do an analysis of blood samples in the lab to find the cause of the infection. Treatment will be adjusted to the cause. Keep giving the baby ASI and MPASI according to the baby's wishes, so that dehydration does not occur. Drinking can also help reduce body heat. If the baby has a sudden febrile seizure, stop feeding immediately, tilt the baby to the left, and loosen baby clothes. Immediately take the baby to the hospital for quick treatment.

Thus my explanation, hopefully it can be useful. Regards.

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