6 Months HIV Testing?

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whether HIV testing within 6 months and the results are non-creative can already be said to be free of HIV

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HIV testing can provide valid results at the earliest 3 weeks after taking risky actions if using a third generation HIV rapid test. Whereas if using a fourth generation HIV rapid test most quickly detect HIV infection 2 weeks after risky behavior.

Why is that because after an infection occurs, the body needs some time until certain antibodies that can be detected by a check, called the window period. On the third generation HIV rapid test examination only detects HIV antibodies while the fourth generation can detect HIV antibodies and antigens so that they are more sensitive.

After this period of time if a nonreactive result is obtained, it is concluded to be free of HIV, provided that it does not return to taking risky actions.

Avoid risky free sex, injection drug use and deviant sexual behavior in order to avoid the chain of transmission of the HIV virus that is increasingly being found.

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