6th Daughter Likes To Play Sex If It’s Dangerous?

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I have a 6-year-old daughter, when lonely / alone my child likes to play bolsters sometimes swiping his genitals on the edge of the mattress until he sweat. It has been warned many times that it just seems to heed, this is done not intensely but if it’s lonely sometimes it’s like that I’m a parent of course worried. My question is: 1. Is this normal ?? If it’s not normal, should I go to a psychiatrist or know enough to just give him advice? 2. What is the right way to give the message? 3. I have often tried to give him a flurry of activity but if it is not monitored he will do it again. Thank you for your answer

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Hi Adi,

Thank you for the question.

Swiping genitals on blunt hard objects can indeed provide sexual satisfaction itself. If this is the purpose of your child to do these actions, then he has been classified as masturbating. This masturbation is actually not dangerous. But if done too often, especially at a very young age, it is clear that this condition is not natural. It is not impossible, this habit of masturbation will make him addicted, so that:

No longer focus on doing other activities that are more productive, such as learning, playing, interacting with family and colleagues in the vicinity
Feeling restless, angry, and uncomfortable when the action is not done
Impaired brain function, so it is difficult to make wise decisions, tend to behave impulsively, even psychiatric disorders can arise
Physically, this act of masturbation can also cause genital injury, irritation, and even infection if done at the end of a dirty case

You are right to say, actions like this for children must be stopped immediately. However, the current epidemic of COVID-19 makes you wiser. Do not rush to bring the child out of the house, including to see a doctor, unless urgent, so that your risk of contracting the disease is even smaller. It's safer, try doing it first:

Accompany your child in every activity, such as when playing, lying, sleeping, and so on
Don't give your child a gadget or let it watch television too early. Whenever it must be given, choose gadget and spectacle content that is intended for children, limit the time (no more than 2 hours a day), and do not let children play gadgets without adult supervision.
Busy his days with activities that are productive, interesting, and in accordance with its development
Improve the way you communicate with your child, convey in a subtle and non-patronizing way, position him as your little friend, tell him that his actions are harmful to his genitals and brain
Compact with your partner and other people in your home to monitor your child's movements

If you feel unsuccessful in making the above efforts, and if your child's actions seem very difficult to stop, when the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided, you can take him to see a doctor, pediatrician, or also the closest child psychologist ..

I hope this helps.

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