7-month-old Baby Suddenly Weak Helpless?

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Hello …. Please help. My baby is 7 months old. My child is often suddenly weak / helpless, even to lift his head as if unable. Babies are still in a state of consciousness or not fainting but as if the view is empty, this happened for about 1 minute and happened almost every day. In the past, the baby was still laughing cheerfully jokingly. Please help, why would my child y. The sudden occurrence of weakness this way recently, only about 1 month. Thank you very much

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Hello Ikromah,

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Need to be clarified, when it seems weak, does your baby look pale, have difficulty breathing, stiff body, often flickering, or moving his mouth abnormally? How often do complaints like this occur? How is your baby's growth and development at this time, whether according to his age?

Sudden weakness in the baby may be caused by the following conditions:

Epilepsy is an electrical disorder of the brain that causes unusual behaviors and sensations, sometimes even accompanied by disturbance of consciousness. Most cases of epilepsy are characterized by seizures. However, it can also be that some people experience muscle weakness to the point of view being blank as your baby experiences.

Heart Disorders
The heart is a vital organ that functions in delivering oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to various organs. Heart problems, including congenital defects, infections, etc., can cause the body to feel very weak, often accompanied by pale, bluish, cold sweat, and many other complaints.
Nerve or muscle disorders, for example cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy
Others, for example viral or bacterial infections (including meningitis, encephalitis), fatigue, malnutrition, shock, drowsiness, etc.

The condition of your baby is not always dangerous. However, if your baby's complaint is very worrying, recurring very often, or appears accompanied by other complaints as we mentioned above, you better keep checking with your doctor or pediatrician, yes. With an objective examination, including supported by Other tests, such as laboratories, heart records, brain records, etc., the doctor can find out whether your baby's condition is still considered reasonable, or dangerous and requires immediate treatment.

In the meantime, you should not panic first. If your baby seems weak and his eyes are blank, soothe him by hugging him. Avoid your baby playing alone without adult supervision. Condition the environment around the baby to be always comfortable. Don't forget, give your baby healthy and nutritious breast milk and solids to support their growth and development.

Hope this helps ...

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