7 Year Olds Cannot Speak Yet?

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Growth and development of children from birth can be seen from several parameters. Child growth can be seen from the length / height, weight and head circumference of the child. Whereas a child's development can be monitored from sensory abilities, gross motor skills, fine motor skills. There are several things that can be considered, such as the child's ability to listen to sound and respond to the sound source, begin to be able to sit alone, hold a toy and play, and talk with his playmates.

In monitoring the child's ability to speak, you can see the following benchmarks:

3 months old
At this age, babies begin to make noises that have no meaning like cooing or arguably 'baby language'. He also has begun to recognize and listen to your voice. And pay attention to your face when talking to him. As a parent, you must be observant with every cry that he emits. At the age of three months, babies can cry for different needs.

6 months old
Babies begin to make different sounds and the syllables are more clearly heard, even though they have no meaning, such as saying "da-da" or "ba-ba". At the end of six months, the baby can speak to express his condition when happy or sad, look in the direction that makes the sound, and pay attention to the music. When the name is called, the baby can also turn towards you.

9 months old
After the age of nine months, the baby will understand some basic words like ‘" no "or" yes ". He also began to use a broader tone of voice.

12 months old
He can already say the word "mama" or "father" and imitate the words you say. At the age of one year, he was able to understand several commands such as, "Come on, come here" or "Take the bottle". Your baby is also familiar with things like shoes, dolls, or milk bottles.

18 months old
Your baby can repeat the words you say to him and will point to an object or body part that you mentioned. At that age, babies can also say about 10 basic words. But it's normal if there are some words that are still unclear pronunciation like the word "eat" called "mam".

24 months old
He can say at least 50 words and communicate using two vocabulary words like "want milk".

3-5 years old
The vocabulary of children at that age will develop quickly. At the age of three, most children can grasp new vocabulary quickly. They can also understand longer commands such as, "Come on, wash your feet and brush your teeth" or "Take off your shoes and change your clothes."
At the age of 4 years, children are generally able to tell their daily activities in the form of longer sentences. If a child at the age of 7 years cannot speak, it is advisable to consult with a pediatrician regarding further examination and management. Avoid giving self medication without doctor's instructions.

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