8-month-old Babies Prefer To Eat While Watching Television?

Illustration of 8-month-old Babies Prefer To Eat While Watching Television?
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my baby is 7.5 months old. And my baby prefers to eat with nnton tv his favorite cartoon is appealed while carrying him with jln2. Do you think it’s dangerous for his development?

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Basically children under 18 months are not recommended to watch (either from television or mobile phones, only children's songs or cartoons). Giving excessive distraction such as watching while eating is also not recommended for babies and toddlers.

The recommended feeding for children is to place the child in a special high chair. Feeding while the child is playing, being held, and walking are also not recommended (these are also included in excessive distraction) because they can form patterns of eating habits that are not good when children are older.

The following are some of the things you can do to feed children:

Set a schedule for feeding and drinking milk for children. Do not give food too close to the schedule to drink milk so that children are not too full at mealtime, do not feed when the child is too hungry or too sleepy
Avoid giving excessive distraction to children when eating
Try eating together with other family members
The method of feeding recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is by responsive feeding, which is to feed the baby directly slowly and patiently, their motivation to eat, but do not be forced.
You can try to talk or tell stories with children while feeding and maintain eye contact
Give foods that are varied but still nutritious, you can also give flavor to foods such as giving broth, salt and sugar are also allowed to be given in small amounts if it can help increase a child's appetite

At the age of under 1 year, the main source of nutrition for children still comes from breast milk / formula milk. Feeding / MPASI is aimed at introducing food to children as well as adding or supplementing nutrients that are not present in breast milk / formula milk. If the child's weight does not rise well, immediately consult a pediatrician so that it can be further found out why the child does not want to eat.

Here are articles that you can read about the causes of babies having difficulty eating

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