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at noon doctor, I want to ask about my baby, when I’m 6 months old until now, I always give my baby pureed fruit porridge and mashed potatoes in a blender, these few days I’ve been trying to make the texture of the porridge using a sieve that makes the porridge texture not as smooth as in a blender with the aim that my baby can learn to chew, but every time I serve filtered porridge, my baby shows a reaction to shudder and want to throw up sometimes to vomit too? So how does my baby have to eat porridge to continue? What are some tips so that my baby can learn to eat foods that are not always soft in order to learn to chew

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Hello Princess,

Thanks for the question. Complementary food for breast milk (MPASI) is food given to infants to complement the nutritional needs of infants other than breast milk. Complementary foods can be started when the baby is 6 months old. It is during this time that your baby will learn to start solid foods and become familiar with different flavors and textures of food. Since this process is still a food introduction process, it's natural for your baby to not immediately like the food you've just introduced. You can try introducing a new food every 3-5 days. Try increasing the thickness of the food texture slowly. Alternate with the provision of fine porridge if your baby is still resisting the coarser texture of the food. Also do the following suggestions:

give solid food when your baby is happy and not fussy or too hungry.
let your baby try to hold the food
if your baby shows interest in eating, try to let the baby put the food in his mouth

give food not too much because the baby is just starting to get to know solid food
Try to provide a variety of foods. Introducing a variety of foods and flavors can make babies love a variety of foods and get lots of nutrients
You can add your breast milk or formula to the prepared baby porridge
babies don't have to eat three times a day, smaller and more frequent portions can also be done

Please also read the following articles:

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I hope this helps.

Dr. Aloisia

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