8 Month Old Baby’s Weight Has Only Increased Slightly?

Illustration of 8 Month Old Baby’s Weight Has Only Increased Slightly?
Illustration: 8 Month Old Baby’s Weight Has Only Increased Slightly? Bing

My son is now 7 months and a few days later 8 months with a weight of 6.1 kg. But the weight gain added only a few ounces. Meanwhile, when he was born his weight was 3 kg. My son is active, and is now sitting up and starting to creep up to stand up. His teeth have also grown. 4. Is my child undernourished? My child also has difficulty eating and sometimes cries and doesn’t want to open his mouth. I’m worried if he’s malnourished

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Based on the growth curve of WHO (world health organization), the weight of children aged 7 to 8 months normally ranges from 7 to 9 kg. If your child was born at term with a normal birth weight, then your child's current weight is classified as thin (between -2 to -3 standard deviations). However, assessing a baby's growth is not enough just based on his weight alone. You also need to compare the suitability of body length and head circumference. Therefore, before jumping to conclusions too early, you should first check with your child to a pediatrician for further evaluation.

There are several reasons why it is difficult for a child to gain weight, one of which can come from inadequate nutritional intake. At the age of more than 6 months, ideally the baby is no longer dependent on breast milk (breast milk). He needs to get an additional supply of nutrients through healthy and nutritious complementary foods (MPASI). Therefore, babies who have difficulty eating can indeed experience malnutrition.

In addition, other factors that can also affect a child's lack of weight are genetics (congenital), a history of premature birth or LBW (low birth weight), or because they have diseases, such as tuberculosis, cancer, vomiting or diarrhea, and so on. .

While checking your child to the doctor, also do the following tips:

Continue to give breast milk according to their needs. Also give children complementary foods that are nutritious and varied according to their age. Overcome the silent mouth movement (GTM) in children by: Not forcing children to eat Create a pleasant eating atmosphere Vary the food menu Familiarize children to learn to eat alone Invite children to eat together Do not use too much spicy seasoning in children's food Eat with discipline at the same time every day Keep children away from people who are infectious Finally, always control the child's growth and development to the nearest health facility, such as posyandu, health center, hospital, or doctor's practice general.

Hope it helps ya..

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