9-month-old Babies Rarely Speak And Laugh?

Illustration of 9-month-old Babies Rarely Speak And Laugh?
Illustration: 9-month-old Babies Rarely Speak And Laugh? mamanatural.com

Good morning, my 9-month-old baby girl is already active, but when I was asked to joke there was no laughing sound, even a slight faint sound.

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Hello Rizky, thank you for asking.

Basically, the habit or willingness to laugh is relative to each individual, regardless of age. Like adults, babies also have different personality traits. There are babies who are easier to smile and laugh, there are also babies who are less likely to do both. It may be that your baby prefers to observe and analyze people and the environment around them. Maybe the analysis power is deeper than other babies, so the brain is more focused on the mechanism of play activities, rather than to laugh.

As long as your baby is active, healthy, does not show growth and development obstacles, and responds well, it is most likely to be said that your baby is fine. As with facing adults, we cannot force our will so that the baby must laugh as much as we want. Try to get your baby to play by continuing to provide stimuli in the form of sounds, objects, and touches. Invite your baby to continue talking during the process of play, just assume the baby can already understand the contents of your conversation. Gradually, as you age, it is hoped that the baby will be able to respond in the form of sounds or short words and sentences. Invite to play or read books and stories that are different, so that babies do not get bored easily.

If you are in doubt about the speed of growth and development of your baby, it never hurts to consult with a pediatrician specialist growth and development. Thus the information from me, hopefully you are helped. Regards.

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