9-month-old Baby Can Not Sit?

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Hello, Doctor, it’s normal for a 9-month-old child to still push his chest, he doesn’t want to sit, and now he stands up immediately. go through phases one by one. Please explain, thanks😊.

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Hi Rini

Do not immediately worry and worry too much even though your child has been 9 months but does not want to sit in a long duration, especially at this age your child is now able to try to stand up. Every child has different growth and development, so do not make the conditions experienced by his brother must also be experienced by the younger sibling.

Crawling is actually not a benchmark in the growth and development of children, so that if a child is unable to crawl but can stand especially if he can walk it can be said that is reasonable, from the information conveyed gives the real impression your child can sit only it does not last long, which may caused by children not comfortable or not interested in maintaining the sitting position.

When a child is able to stand up it will give an illustration that his motor skills and leg muscles are good enough, then why can't the child not sit for a long time or crawl ??? this is because the child's interest in learning to stand up is far greater than crawling or sitting, in some cases it is found that children who have not been able to crawl but are able to stand up occur because they are reluctant to reach something by way of crawling that can actually be done so they are much more happy achieve this by standing or even walking.

As long as the child looks healthy and agile, then you should not have to worry, and don't forget to routinely take it to the nearest posyandu or health facility to monitor the child's growth and development through mother and child books (pink books) that have been given since the child's pregnancy. From the pink book can be monitored growth and development of the baby both through ideal body weight and what abilities are expected to be done by your child.

If there is a delay it is not expected to panic immediately, because the existing benchmark value is a general value, but consult a pediatrician for further study to determine whether there are other factors that may be able to hinder the process of growth and development.

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