9-month-old Baby Has Impetigo

Illustration of 9-month-old Baby Has Impetigo
Illustration: 9-month-old Baby Has Impetigo

good evening doctor, I want to ask how to treat wounds or impetigo in a 9 month baby? what drug is suitable for babies of this age. there is a wound, and around the wound there are nodules filled with water, the location of the wound is near the elbow. Watery nodules are around the wound, and there are also near the armpit, chest near the neck and back near the armpit. please advise doc, thank you.

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impetigo is caused by bacterial infections, namely bacteristaphylococcus in bullous impetigo and streptococcus in nonbulous impetigo. This bacterium is transmitted through exposure to wounds or contaminated fluids from blisters of infected people. Bacteria will enter the body if the skin is injured and open, even in skin wounds that are not visible.

before whether you have consulted a doctor because we can not diagnose themselves without a direct examination to the doctor, because every rash is similar so to ascertain whether it is impetigo should be examined directly to the doctor yes, there are some possibilities that cause complaints experienced by your baby besides impetigo including:

bullous pemphigoid: A skin disorder caused by an autoimmune that causes the appearance of watery bumps can even be large and in large quantities.
chicken pox
eczema: Watery bumps can also appear as symptoms of eczema along with other symptoms, such as reddish, dry, cracked, and scaly skin.
Dishidrosis: This skin disorder is characterized by the appearance of small, itchy and large amounts of watery bumps.

Immediately consult your child to a pediatrician or dermatologist, you must be more vigilant if these symptoms occur for more than a week. Immediate treatment is needed, because early detection and treatment can inhibit or stop the spread of infection and speed up the healing process. If caused by impetigo, it is necessary pengonbatan antibiotics, try the child does not scratch the wound and remain the child at home. Do not use drugs without a doctor's prescription.

Impetigo is a contagious disease. The best way to prevent transmission is to maintain cleanliness and the environment. Some steps that can be done are:

Be diligent in washing your hands, especially after outside activities.
Closing the wound so that bacteria do not enter the body.
Cut and always keep nails clean.
Do not touch or scratch the wound to reduce the risk of spreading infection.
Washing clothes or cleaning objects that have been used, to eliminate bacteria.
Avoid sharing the use of cutlery, towels, or clothing with sufferers of impetigo.
Change sheets, towels, or clothing that is used by patients every day, until the wound no longer transmits the infection.

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