A 2 Year Old Boy Likes To See Sexy Pictures?

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Good morning doctor … I want tny, is it normal for a 2.5 year old boy to see pictures of sexy women’s clothing? My child is 2.5 years old, every time he sees a picture or sees a TV there is a picture of a woman wearing her dress always focus, especially in the abdomen. He also likes to put a little crunch on his stomach (but there’s a paper with a woman’s picture on it)

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Hello Selva, thank you for asking.

Every child has a stage of psychosexual development which is divided into several phases. The oral phase begins when the baby is 3-4 months old and has been able to put things in his mouth, until the age of about 18 months. In this phase most baby contact is done by mouth, so putting stuff in the mouth gives the baby pleasure. The anal phase usually starts in children around 1.5-2 years. Children begin to have curiosity about the genitals and anal holes. Only then enter the latent phase where the child has no sexual desire. Continue to the puberty phase in adolescents. Your child may be curious about the sex and the difference between the sex of the other person.

The child may be curious about the shape of the human body or the appearance of a human being that he does not encounter in his family and residence. If viewed in terms of brain development, then this can be used as a way to recognize sexual signs as early as possible. Mothers can begin to introduce differences between men and women, of course, limited to the appearance that is commonly seen. Point out that each sex has different physical characteristics. The child may seem clueless, but little by little the child will catch it and record it in memory.

If you are concerned about the child's sexual behavior that is distorted, then the mother can consult with your pediatrician who specializes in understanding the growth and development of children, or a child psychologist. Observe your child for inappropriate behavior, then tell the doctor or psychologist details. Limit the time your child sees television or other gadgets. Some experts don't even advise children to watch tv and play gadgets at all until at least 5 years of age. Observe whether the child sees bad pictures and videos from the family and surrounding environment.

Thus a brief suggestion from us, hopefully helped. Regards.

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