A 4 Month Old Baby Vomits After Drinking Baby Orange Water?

Illustration of A 4 Month Old Baby Vomits After Drinking Baby Orange Water?
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Hello Doctor, r n r n My child is only 4 months old and I try to drink baby orange juice because according to the SpA doctor my child is allowed. In the morning my son vomited milk and got orange pulp, causing fever. Does my child’s stomach have stomach acid or something and what is the solution?

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Ideally, before the age of 6 months, babies are only exclusively breastfed without any additional food or drink. Therefore, it needs to be clarified first, for what purpose do you drink the baby orange juice to your baby? Was it the doctor who recommended it?

In some conditions, it is possible to give complementary foods (complementary foods to breast milk), including fruit, can be done earlier (after the baby is over 4 months old). This is allowed for example if the baby has a problem with weight that is difficult to gain while the mother's milk production is no longer sufficient. However, giving more attention must also be given to complementary foods, so as not to cause digestive disorders in babies.

The vomiting that your baby experiences after consuming baby orange juice may indeed indicate an increased stomach acid. This condition can occur, for example, if you give the orange juice on an empty baby's stomach, or have not been breastfed at all. It could also be, this vomiting is caused by:

The baby is too full
Suckling or drinking while crying, laughing out loud, or moving too much
Choking, for example from breastfeeding or sleeping while lying down, using a pacifier with a heavy flow
Gastrointestinal infections, for example because the oranges you squeeze are not clean, the squeeze is not clean, and so on
GERD (reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus)
Malabsorption or intolerance, and so on

If the vomiting lasts less than 3 times a day, chances are that this condition is not dangerous. However, you should be more selective in providing additional food or drink to your very young baby. First, consult your doctor about the purpose of the early complementary feeding and what types of complementary foods are recommended for your baby's condition. Also, give your baby breast milk so that his immune system and digestive tract strength is well maintained.

However, if the vomiting that your baby is experiencing is very massive, you should check with your doctor right away. It is feared that vomiting occurs due to a disease as mentioned above that requires special treatment. In the meantime, stop giving your baby solids (especially those that are too acidic). Give your baby breast milk frequently to prevent dehydration and excessive electrolyte loss from vomiting. Also pay attention to the cleanliness of the baby and the environment around him. Soothe your baby in times of vomiting, by holding him and patting his back to prevent choking.

MPASI is given after the baby is 6 months old

Vomiting in babies

Hope it helps ..

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