A 5 Month Old Baby Cannot Calm Down While Breastfeeding Through A Pacifier?

Illustration of A 5 Month Old Baby Cannot Calm Down While Breastfeeding Through A Pacifier?
Illustration: A 5 Month Old Baby Cannot Calm Down While Breastfeeding Through A Pacifier? mamanatural.com

At night, I was 24 years old. My brother was only 5 months old, since he was born he had been accustomed to taking ASIP with pacifiers and stopped drinking immediately from the breast. But since the age of 3.5 months when he was already good at reaching, he could not be calm or still when drinking a pacifier. His hands always want to reach or hold but not fit and always anchored as if throwing a pacifier even though his mouth is looking for a pacifier. Babies are around the same age as my ankle. But why my child can not be quiet or relaxed when drinking a pacifier, and the position always makes him comfortable to sleep on his side by hugging bolsters directly to sleep, but when he woke up and realized he had difficulty drinking. Why is that? What dot is the problem or what, I am sometimes overwhelmed, cook, yes, if you want to drink milk, you have to sleep (put to sleep). I feel sorry for it, what should I do?

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Hi Dian,

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The pattern of breastfeeding a baby is more or less influenced by habits. Your baby who looks uncomfortable when feeding with a pacifier can characterize a variety of conditions, for example:

Inappropriate dot, such as due to the flow is too heavy or too small, lack flexibility, too large or small nipple size
Discomfort in the baby's mouth, such as due to canker sores, sore throat

Discomfort in other babies' bodies, such as drowsiness, hunger, body aches, nausea, and so on

It could also be that your baby's condition actually does not show any abnormalities. Calm or not when a baby suckles can indeed be very subjective. Every baby can also have their own breastfeeding style that can not be generalized.

Our question now is, how much does your baby usually suckle in a day? Does she still get exclusive breastfeeding? Are there any additional food or drinks that he has consumed? What's the growth and development like this?

If your baby is still breastfeeding properly according to his age and his growth is also good according to the standard, the actual condition is not always dangerous. But if in doubt, you can check it directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that a more in-depth evaluation is determined and the best treatment is at home. At home, you can first prepare your baby's condition with the following tips:

If possible, re-teach the baby to suckle directly in your breast (relactation). Breastfeeding directly from the breast has a variety of advantages, including also increasing emotional closeness between mother and baby, reducing the risk of choking babies, preventing the disruption of baby's teeth and jaw growth, stabilizing milk production, and so on
If that is not possible, improve your breastfeeding media, for example by using a pipette, spoon, or cup feeder.
Keep trying to give baby ASI as needed according to his age
Create a pleasant nursing atmosphere, do not force the baby
After every feeding and bathing, always clean the baby's mouth and tongue, for example by using clean gauze moistened with warm water
Not getting used to breastfeeding the baby while lying down, raise his head and chest a little

Hope this helps ...

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